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SparkFun's Daily Deals page is a hub of every sale we are currently offering on our site. These include the Deal of the Week, any long running sale like the Spring Sale that just finished, as well as any individual boards that we have a really good deal on, like SparkX boards that have moved to reds. The sales category page is still an option to use, but you are able to find this page's link on the upper right hand corner of the SparkFun page (lower left of the cart). Take a look, it's there right now!

ESP8266 Deal of the Week

New weekly deals start each Friday and run through the following Thursday. This week you can get 25 percent off the extremely popular ESP8266 WiFi Module. Today is the final day to get this module on sale before next week's deal! Check out the sale page for any rules or important information. We hope you can find something you need at a great price!

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  • Sparko4Marko / about 2 years ago / 1

    Like this?

  • JonB3 / about 2 years ago / 1

    I'd love to see you guys come out with a Qwik connector for this that ties to the power pins and a couple of the GPIO.

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