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The first shipment of sensors from Invensense has finally arrived! The IDG300 dual axis gyroscope is the first dual-axis MEMs gyro on the planet. The sensor is smaller (versus the ADXRS), lower power consumption (3.3V), dual axis (roll and pitch vs. yaw), and cheaper ($25 per axis)!

The SMD IDG-300 sensor is also available for 3rd party development and custom layouts.

The new BlueSMiRF-RPSMA now includes Bluetooth? connection indicator LEDs plus an end-launch reverse polarized SMA antenna connection. Now you can get 100m+ range!

The first DPAC development board has been posted. This simple breakout will allow you to gain access to the SMD pins on the Airborne WiFi module.

We now offer 256MB SD Cards.

A new low-voltage 18 series PIC, the 18LF4550,  has been listed.

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