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Knitty and Model Railroad Projects!

A great project for model railroading and a cool LilyPad design!

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Kalani Craig has written up a great project called Know It All on Knitty.com. This project takes a LilyPad Arduino, some LEDs, a button, and some clever programming to create a knitting bag designed to let the user know how exactly to stitch a given type of stitch. This is a great example of a creative project centered around LilyPad! The kit parts are available here.

Next, check out this video of a project centered around an awesome model railroad! This 1'x4' scale layout, called Dawson Station, is based on the Hull-Oakes lumber mill located in Dawson, Oregon. As if this amazing set-up wasn't cool enough, it also has some awesome electronic gadgetry behind it. Using an Arduino, a WAV shield, and some others bits and pieces (including a board from BatchPCB), the designer created a great way for curious people to view a demo of his set-up.

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  • It is true. That stinks, always loved SparkFun.

  • Is the rumor true??? I heard SparkFun is being bought out by RadioShack!

  • Nice Kludge!

  • That is one fabulous diorama! I am very impressed by the use of the Arduino and the various interfacing shields and custom boards. If I hadn't already been watching the video, I'd have thought that the penultimate scene was of a real train. Watching clips like these are very inspiring.
    Congratulations to Ken for his well deserved first place diorama win. Awesome work!

  • Wow, cool video. I have some HO scale DCC trains at my house. An Arduino would be a cool way to control them!

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