iPad, Wired and SparkFun

Wired and reading on an iPad. And sure enough, the iPad blends!

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I'm not entirely on the Apple band wagon, but if you get the chance to fiddle with an iPad you will realize just how slick of an interface they've created. On top of that, Wired has done an exceptional job of creating an environment that makes me want to read their magazine. I already enjoy Wired magazine, but it's really to the point that I sort of want to read Wired on the iPad for all the interactivity.

Oh - and you can see our fancy ad in Wired around 2:57.

And unsurprisingly, the iPad blends. I love the added groaning.

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  • Man … you’re making it really hard for me to avoid buying an iPad. I’m not much of an Apple fan either, but the user interface is amazing!

  • Stupid spam.
    I like it how even when he’s bent it in half and smacking it on the base, the screen’s still working!

  • That Will It Blend video (great, by the way) reminds me of when Daniel Tosh from Tosh.O got ahold of an advance iPad.

  • Hmm, I’m not so sure. The Wired app looks very slick but it’s not really a new interactive experience. The fact that some transitions are up/down and some are left/right and there’s no way to tell which is which is a problem but the main issue is that it’s 500Mb. Per. Episode…! They’ve made all the animations including the loading status bars as stacks of individual images that are loaded one after the other when needed.
    It’s not a slick web2.0 programmer’s way of doing an interactive magazine - it’s a print designer’s version of what an iPad app should look like.
    I fail to see what the app gets me that just going to their web site doesn’t. I read the Toy Story 3 article on my iPad from their web site for free.

  • Nice, I saw one of SparkFun’s ads in Wired the other day. Glad to see they’re recognizing the guy who added Arduino-powered displays to Copper Mountain, I think that’s really cool. It’s made me want to build a similar multiplexed display for another ski resort, we have plenty here in Colorado. SparkFun FTW :D
    BTW, the ad is at 2:57, not 2:37 :)

    • 2:57 - fixed, thanks! Glad you liked the ad. Next trick is to figure out how to get some of our ads interactive. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

      • Getting interactive ads would be very nice.if I was Cond? Nast Publications (Wired publishing company), I would charge a lot of money to do that! You could play commercial in the ads, see nice sparkfun projects video, etc.
        You should do that fast to gain attention. Do something original instead of a standard video!
        But you guys would need the “super COOL idea dude” for ideas! :P

        • I worked on interactive, digital, ads for console video games for a while while at SCEA. It’s an interesting model for ad revenue with a lot of potential but not without a certain creepiness factor. It can be cool way to get info but also can be a way to invade our digital playgrounds with even better consumer advertising mind control techniques.

      • Yeah, did you see the stream of the WWDC keynote and the stuff iAd can do? Steve demonstrated an electric car advertisement that allowed you to pick colors, enter a contest, etc. Pretty cool if you ask me, not the annoying ads that take you to a separate website if you accidentally tap them.
        And yeah, an iPad compatible site would be awesome.

        • This always bugs me about apple products, everything has to be apple compatible, buy a Wetab (if it ever comes out) apparently its internet (as it is) compatible already! yay!

      • You should also make sure all of your product pictures work on the iPad. I do most of my browsing and research on my iPad, so being able to see dimensions, etc. would be really nice. :)

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