So where exactly do you file a new product that has Bluetooth? capability, interfaces to cellular, interfaces to MP3 audio, and has an open-core as well? Yea - we didn't know where to put the new Blueye either. So you'll find the new Blueye category under the Development Tools. Why? Because this new consumer product has a very young, but very potential developer community where all sorts of applications are being discussed. It's a interesting product and an exciting platform.

The Blueye from Mavizen connects via a wired connection to any MP3 player with a 3.5mm audio jack. The Blueye then wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth? enabled cell phone. When an incoming call is detected, the music is muted and a ring tone is heard (yep - you can even record your own!). To answer the call, you can either press a button on the Blueye or by voice activation. Cell phone stays in your pocket, your favorite MP3 ear buds stay in your ears. Keep on running, driving, soldering, or whatever it is you do, without missing a beat.

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