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Utilitarian product update.

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Hello again! We have even more products that we hope will help you do whatever it is you do. This week it seems to be all about utilitarian need. From soldering iron tips, batteries, chargers to breakouts, hopefully you'll find these products useful!

We have two new soldering tips for our 70W Analog and Digital soldering stations. The bevel tip (or hoof tip as we call it in production) is great for larger soldering jobs. It has very good heat transfer and is even great for cleaning up IC pin jumpers. The chisel tip is a great general purpose tip which most people prefer for everyday soldering.

If you're looking for a simple way to power your next project, AAs are always a good option. This charger is a good basic charger for your AAs, AAAs, and 9V cells. It plugs directly into the wall, can hold 4 batteries (or two 9Vs), and has status lights. It's nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

After you're done prototyping, you always need a good way to power whatever it is you made. A 9V can be a great way to power a portable Arduino-based project. This one is rated for 350 mAh which should be enough juice for many applications.

We have a new version of the UberBoard. This is a development board based on the LPC2148 which provides access to cellular, GPS, an accelerometer, data logging, Bluetooth, and USB development. Yeah, it has a LOT of possibilities. Basically, if you are looking to do some serious development, you might want to look at this. The new version is just a slight rework/update and now has the red PCB you've grown to love (we hope).

Are we selling magic metal cubes? Kinda. Everyone loves magnets, it's a fact. Here we have some little 0.187" cube NdFeB magnets. They are surprisingly strong for their size. You can embed a reed switch inside your next project and amaze your friends with your powers of magnetism. Reed switches can add some cool 'wow factor' to your project, learn more about them here.

If you have one of the GS407 GPS modules, you may want one (or three) of these. It's just a simple breakout board that allows you access to the 10 pins coming from the GPS module. The GS407 uses a tight-pitch connector which is difficult to solder. Use the breakout and save yourself some stress.

And last but not least, we have the new WiFly GSX module. Sure, we've carried this before, but this model is newer and cheaper. The only difference is a reduced operating temperature range. View the comparison here. But with a lower price, it allows more people access to WiFi for various applications. We are out of stock currently, but are working on a breakout board and a shield, so check back soon, or get your backorder in now!

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend and let your geek shine!

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  • "double rainbow"
    the first rainbow has the colours ROYGBIV, the second VIBGYOR. and so on...
    something about free spectral range or modulo 2 pi or some spark.
    optics, the hot slutty cousin of electronics....

  • http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=592
    I miss the quarter. Has it entered the wild, is it roaming america?

  • the hoof tip is perfect for the "drag" solder method of installing fine pitch ICs. Here is a link describing the method http://www.howardelectronics.com/jbc/dragsoldering.html
    As always in soldering, it is very important to not put pressure on the leads - you will bend them. Once you have this technique in your basket of tricks - you will never be intimidated by fine pitch again.

  • When will the WiFlys be back in stock? I've never used one but at that price its worth a go :)

    • Soon is the short answer. We have more coming. We are also building them on breakout boards too, so stock is a bit tight. Give us a week or two. Or longer... :-)

  • Mmmmm ..... Magnets

  • @Sparkfun,
    I need a simple breakout board for the EM-406a GPS module, like the one for the GS407. Have you considered selling it?

    • Just cut the wires and solder them into a protoboard. We also have the GPS shield which has the 406 connector on it.

  • People should be aware that the battery charger is for NiMH batteries and should not be used with the 9v Li-ion battery mentioned right below it.

    • Yes, both descriptions clearly state this. Also, they are not related together. But once again, just in case people know, they will not work together. We just got them at the same time, that's all.

  • @Sparkfun,
    It has been my experience that when you used rare-earth magnets with reed-switches, in magnetizes the inside of the switch and renders it useless (closed). You may want to warn your customers not to used very strong magnets with reed switches.

    • I have personally used them many times. It works fine unless you are using a whole lot.

      • I probably messed mine up because I used a .5"x.5"x.5" rare earth magnet....I guess you just have to be careful how strong the magnet is. My reed switches were probably pretty cheap too.

        • Probably. It might have pulled the contacts too much and broke the switch. But I've used these magnets with our reed switches and it works fine.

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