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We just posted a new 100mAh LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery. This little guy packs a punch over a short amount of time. Packed into a fraction of a cubic inch, this 2gram battery is perfect for micro and mini sumo bots and other micro-portable devices.

The ADXL330 triple axis accelerometer from Analog Devices can now be purchased seperately.

We've finally got the production units of the GPS Wall Clock Controller in stock. These PIC based dev board can control up to 42 devices at 500mA per device!

The Light Board that connects to the Clock Controller is also available.

We now have 30-Pin OLED Connectors so you can roll your own OLED projects!

And due to a popular demand/request, we now stock a basic 8-Bit Shift Register, and a High-Power 8-Bit Shift Register.

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