Wiring and 5DOF

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You knew it was coming - the minimization of size and the maximization of measurements...

The 5DOF has two axis of gyro and three axis of accelerometer sensing packed into less than 1 square inch and under 2 grams!

The new Wiring board is available!

The Wiring board is the big brother to the Arduino board. With tons more I/O and processing power, the Wiring board takes off where the Arduino leaves off. Checkout the Wiring tutorials as well! It's impressively large...

New Roomba tool listed.

The Roo232 is a simple bridge between the Roomba SCI and RS232 on your laptop, mini-ITX PC or pocket hand held. Get ready to drive!

USB Type A Connectors back in stock.

24-Pin DIP Sockets now available.

New machine pin Female headers.

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