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Antimov Registration

If you're planning on attending the Antimov competition, register now!

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The Antimov competition is quickly approaching - just a little over two weeks (18 days actually, but who's counting...). We are getting really excited for what should be an awesome event! In fact, we have on good word that all the current entrants' projects involve flames AND projectiles. Awesome? Definitely. Safe? Well...that's what we have waivers for. So let's review our options here: 1) You could spend your Saturday afternoon mowing the lawn, 2) You could take the kiddies to the pool, or 3) You could watch robots ritualistically self-destruct. I think the lawn can wait...

We want to encourage anyone who would like to come and watch to head out to SparkFun headquarters on October 16th. If you are planning on spectating, please register here. We are testing out EventBrite for registration, so after you have registered, print out your ticket(s) and bring them with you! Remember, the EventBrite registration is for spectators only! If you would like to compete in Antimov, there are still spots available. Additionally, we are planning on heading out to quaff a few pints after the event (possibly at the West End Tavern) and talk about the projects - after-party FTW! We are very excited for this competition and hope to see you there!

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  • will you have a video link on ustream going? if so where?(link please)

  • what about the video submissions? how many are there?

  • "You could take the kiddies to the pool" I think that they would enjoy seeing stuff burn, smoke and explode as well! Are you guys going to have something like UStream set up so that those of us that aren't too close to Boulder can watch as well? I'm sure you'll at least post some videos on YouTube afterwards, right?

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