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So You Want To Work At SparkFun?

We've finally added a jobs page to our website!

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We have gotten dozens of requests over the years for a "Jobs" section on the SparkFun website. For a long time, it didn't make sense - we didn't have that many jobs popping up to warrant having them permanently plastered on our website. Well...thanks to the seemingly endless tenacity and inventiveness of our customers, we can't seem to stop growing.

Celebrating the moustache.

So here it is in all its glory - the SparkFun Employment Page. We are going to keep this as up-to-date as possible with current openings at SparkFun. To apply for any given position you see on the page, just send a cover letter, a completed application, and your resume to HR@sparkfun.com.

Every day is like Christmas morning.

The application itself is a new thing that we recently came up with. As I mentioned, SparkFun is growing and we just went over the 100 employee mark. Yikes! As such, we have a whole new set of rules we must abide by. We tried to spice up the application a little bit, but there are a few legalese-type questions on there we can't avoid.

Just another day at the office.

So if you think you'd fit in well at SparkFun, this is the way to go! Keep an eye on the page for job listings - and apply at will!

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