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Sign Language Glove

An amazing glove that can translate sign language into American English!

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Every once in a while, a project so cool comes along that it completely blows my mind that this is what people are doing out there with SparkFun parts. Like this one, from Kendall Lowrey and a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University

If you're looking at this and thinking, "Sweet! Nintendo Power Glove!," you're actually not too far off. This glove is indeed powerful - but because it is an American Sign Language to American English translation glove. It uses flex sensors, an accelerometer, a SparkFun VoiceBox shield, other electronic bits and pieces, and some very clever programming to convert sign language into readable text and audible sounds! Unlike previous versions of a similar glove, this one outputs sound and can recognize gestures. You can read all the technical info at this website.

This is a great project with a very noble purpose behind it! Props to Kendall Lowrey, Allen Ambulo, Andrew S.D. Tsai, Michelle Lin, Sherry Huang, Eric Wideburg, and their professors Dr. Zapanta and Dr. Antaki. Outstanding work!

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  • Very cool, but don't you need two hands for sign language?

    • If you want to translate de abc, you only need one hand. Also, there are a few exceptions that uses 2 hands for the abc.

  • I need the code and circuit diagram..

    • Unfortunately, we do not have that as this was not our project. Please check out the links provided above to the actual blog owned by the creators. Hopefully they can provide that information to you through there!

  • I would be VERY interested in testing this product in my ASL classroom!

  • This is awesome! My brother and his friends have suffered all their lives with impatient and inconsiderate people just trying to survive. This will make a tremendous improvement on their lives.
    God bless the developers for this effort.
    Thank you Sparkfun for your products which inspire so many worthwhile creations.

  • weird! One month ago I was thinking about building such a thing (Well, learning how to first), not knowing about this project! Great there is somebody there already creating such a thing!

  • That's pretty freakin' amazing. What an awesome idea. Attaching bend sensors to a glove can be a real pain too...

  • Very inspiring. That could be the mother-of-all kits. Hint, hint.

  • now i want to learn sign language!
    i hope this eventually comes out as a product as it has the potential to help many people

  • Super! =-) I hope it will get popular)

  • Wow! I'm really looking forward to seeing details on their Hidden Markov Model and HMM training code, if they choose to publish it, or a paper on it, when it's done. Great project!

  • Oh my, that's beautiful!

  • The link is not available anymore could I please get the link for the initial project please.

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