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Another post, another selection of new products.

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Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of "More New Products"!  It's been a couple weeks since we've announced new products, so we have a few to talk about.

As you've probably noticed, we do a lot with LEDs. Here we have the Tri-Color LED Breakout. It uses our 10mm super 'my eyes are burning' bright LEDs with a transistor on each. Connect each LED to a pin on your microcontroller and you have a simple controllable RGB light source.

Finally! We now have the breakout board for the Rayson BTM-182 bluetooth modules. Let's just say we had some issues with reflow, moisture, flux residue, etc. Sometimes it's not a smooth process. But in any event, we have a simple breakout for the inexpensive BTM-182 module so you can get your project outfitted with some Bluetooth bling.

We now have the latest version of the SparkFun Inventor's Kit out. This one includes all the goodies plus the new Arduino Uno and the baseplate. We are out of stock right now, but they are being built as you read this. Very soon we will have stock and we encourage people to place backorders for these because they will probably go quickly.

We sell a lot of electronics for making UAVs, but not a whole lot to control them.... UNTIL NOW! We now have a simple RC Transmitter and Receiver unit that allows you to control your vehicles. It transmits 6 channels on 2.4Ghz and is programmable on a PC. It includes the receiver and is extremely well documented and hacked. Check the product description for more information and links.

We always end up using GPS modules to pull down accurate time information. However, that's not exactly the most efficient way to do it, we just have a lot of them laying around. The WWVB NIST Radio Time Receiver Kit allows you to receive UTC from the magic of radio waves. Once you decode the signal, you can have accurate time information integrated into your next wacky contraption.

I could make all sorts of puns about the the hot knife, but I consider myself a cut above the rest (sorry, I had to). Puns aside, a hot knife can be quite useful for modifying a plastic case, cutting thick insulation, or cutting through various types of butter (salted and unsalted cut equally well).

Sometimes you need a lot of PWM pins. Let's say you want to make a hexapod with each leg as its own hexapod. Go for it! Get this chip, it might help out. The TLC 5940 allows you to control 16 PWM pins with a serial data interface, so you can expand the number of PWM pins available without adding a second microcontroller or a lot of extra hardware.

To go along with our frequency counter kit, we now have our function generator kit. So now you can generate functions and then display them as well! Isn't technology wonderful? As the name implies, this comes as a kit and requires basic/beginner soldering skills. You also might want to get some cool knobs to finish it off.

Flush cutters allow you to cut a bit closer than what a diagonal cutter would allow. These are spring loaded, have nice cushioned handles, and are a pretty good size. And come on, they are red and black!

This next part went faster than expected. We didn't order enough and they sold out before we had a chance to talk about it. But don't fear, we have more on order. This is a JPEG color camera with a serial UART interface. Most cameras have a clunky interface, but this one uses a simple serial interface for transferring your images. Now you can add imaging to your next project.

In addition to our 25 pack of basic red LEDs, we also have a 25 pack of basic green LEDs. If you don't need much brightness and are looking for a simple indicator, the basic LEDs work well and are quite a bit cheaper.

If you need a sturdy enclosure for your next Arduino project, you might want to check out the Crib for Arduino. It's tall enough to accommodate an Arduino as well as a shield and finished in classy black powdercoat. There's also a faceplate made specifically for the Ethernet Shield and an Arduino.

We also have a new enclosure for the elusive BeagleBoard xM. We still have yet to receive our shipment of xM boards, but if you already have one from somewhere else, you can get a very nice enclosure for it.

Well, that's all for this week. We will have even more stuff next week, so stay tuned!

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