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New Modules

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Checkout what the latest SFE creations!

The RGB Matrix Controller is a small backpack that attaches to an Red/Green/Blue LED matrix and allows control over simple serial SPI communication. This allieviates the end user from having to do the individual LED scanning and refreshing. 7 different colors are possible on any of the 64 LEDs in the array. You can even reprogram the on board ATMega8 to monitor external sensors and switches! Also available in a Red/Green configuration.

The new Telit modules have finally arrived. The latest Quad Band and Quad Band Python units now support the 850MHz band for increased support all over the globe!

Finally, the LIS3LV02DQ triple axis accelerometer is available on a breakout board! This 3-axis accelerometer has a digital interface (either SPI or I2C) for simplified use. The overall functionality and precision really impressed us! Expect to shortly find these type sensors in a cell phone near you.

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