Microcontroller Contest Winners

Announcing the three winners of the Microcontroller Contest!

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In the past month or so, we've made a few posts about the Instructables and SparkFun Microcontroller Contest. The rules were fairly straightforward - make an Instructable about a project that uses a microcontroller and enter it. The winner(s) got a cool Leatherman, a SparkFun gift certificate, and some other swag. The contest has officially ended - and here are the top three!

This first project is a music playing alarm clock built inside a SparkFun shipping box. It has a multitude of features, including a headphone jack, IR remote control, SD card socket to hold music files, an external speaker, and all the controls you'd expect from a professionally built alarm clock. Very nice, functional, and well-made project! Congrats!

The next project is called the Bubblebot - the gigantic bubble maker. This project uses a servo, an Arduino, a tower computer fan, and a whole bunch of soap to create giant bubbles. This is an awesome project that is sure to amuse kids (and adults) for hours. Nice work!

Last, and certainly not least, is this amazing project all the way from Brazil. This is the WEBSD, a home-built development platform that explores three different protocols - USB (so you can connect to your computer), ethernet (so you can connect it to the internet), and SD (so you can store and read data from an SD card). This is a pretty amazing custom-built platform that is a great cornerstone for nearly any project. Awesome work!

So there you have it - the three winners of the SparkFun and Instructables Microcontroller Contest. Visit the contest homepage to see the 2nd place winners as well as the runners-up. Hope these projects help inspire you to make something great!

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  • Kamiquasi / about 12 years ago / 2

    WebSD looks pretty cool - should convince him to make it a SparkFun platform product :)
    I like the Bubblebot, though. Fairly simple components, some mechanical bits, and a great end-result.
    Speaking of contests - only a day and a half left for the 555 contest.

    • ArthurB / about 12 years ago / 1

      Hi, I will make contact with them. If more people have interest i could redesign the board and use a bigger PIC so more pins to play with ( I didn't do it on the original because large pics are hard to solder and make the board, at least with boards made at home).
      If anyone like the idea reply.

  • Daniel H / about 12 years ago / 1

    That's no shipping box; that's the SparkFun Complimentary Project Enclosure. Love how they throw that in with my order.

  • Don't forget to check my project, the FART-O-METER!
    You can find the instructables here:
    Yes, you fart and it gauge your fart wirelessly!

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