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AVC Update

We are getting dangerously close to the Autonomous Vehicle Competition!

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As of today, April 14th, there are only 9 days until the 3rd Annual SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition (also known as the AVC). If past events are any indication, this is sure to be an awesome day of robotics, hilarity, and good ol' fashioned SparkFun camaraderie. We are really, really excited.

The first item of business is just a reminder to register at our EventBrite page if you are planning on attending - it will help us plan out some logistics. If you are traveling out for the event, there are now three hotels offering SparkFun discounted group rates. The first is the Best Western Boulder Inn located in South-ish Boulder (1-800-233-8469 and use the reference code "SparkFun - it's $84/night). We also have rooms reserved at the Courtyard Marriott in Longmont - follow this link to make your reservation (a King-sized bed for $80/night). The last hotel is the Holiday Inn Express in Boulder (303-442-6600 and use reference code "SparkFun" - $79/night).

And finally, here is what you have all be waiting for (well, at least some of you) - the official AVC Course Preview. Look at those obstacles! And those dangerous hair-pin curves! Does anyone else have goosebumps?!

So that's it for now - we will do one more reminder post before the event, but remember the AVC is Saturday, April 23rd! It is going to be a great day - hope to see you out there.

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  • 70 here in VA.

  • I wonder if I could enter a full sized, gasoline driven autonomous car?

  • Hahahaha... currently there is snow on the ground in Boulder. It's melting, tho... ...they must have filmed on Monday or sometime last week?

  • I noticed that the Boulder Twin Lakes Inn ( http://www.twinlakesinnboulder.com/index.html ) is a stone's throw from Sparkfun and has reasonable rates, so I got reservations a few weeks ago. Has anyone else stayed there, and do you have any thoughts about it?

  • I was hoping nobody would notice that I filled in all the potholes.

  • Well, now i know what to expect. I think my odds of winning are near zero and my odds of making it around are about equally slim. It should be fun though.
    p.s. Can I reinstall the potholes

  • So that limo... Is it Nate's limo?

    • eh, more like the SparkFun limo. Yeah. We have a limo.

  • where in VA

    • Vienna. Ever heard of it?

      • I could throw a rock and hit Vienna.
        Ok... If I was dropping off my recycling I could throw a rock and hit Vienna.
        Ok... If I was dropping off my recycling and ran down to the sidewalk I could throw a rock and hit Vienna.
        Sniff. I can't throw a rock very far.

        • +1 for hilariousness!
          Ok... If I was dropping off my recycling and jumped 100 feet I could throw a rock and hit Vienna.
          Ok... If I was dropping off my recycling in a plane at suborbital height flying over Vienna THEN I could throw a rock and hit Vienna. Ah, there we go.

      • 8.6 miles from me (GF).

  • Will there be a video feed or stuff on you tube for the actual event?

  • There should be some tethered helium filled blimps for the air vehicles to navigate. :)

  • 60% chance of rain on race day. Good thing my car has abs anti-lock brakes.

  • Quote:"there are no potholes! There should be potholes in the road!"
    Well, You can just get a pickaxe...
    Wish I could be there...

  • I had a project I built that would have been perfect for this course. Sadly I had to take it apart for parts. I guess that's the way it goes.

  • So, will that be the direction of the course (right-hand turns)?

  • Would you mind putting a target on those barrels?
    Also, any points awarded for leaving car parts embedded in the barrels?

    • not specifically :-) but we do have some unique awards at the end of the day that might be in line with that.

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