Oh boy. Oh boy.

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Get ready

It's SFE Simon! All the lights and annoying sounds of the original!

That's the Copernicus GPS receiver from Trimble on top of a quarter. It needs power and an antenna, but that GPS Cat Collar is getting closer!

Datalogging with serial commands. This DOSonCHIP SD module takes care of all the FAT overhead and leaves you with the ability to log up to 4GB of data on a single card. The GPS Cat Collar is looking closer by the second.

The DOSonCHIP IC is also available by itself for $11.95!

Various battery holders (AA and 12mm) and a buzzer have been added. Notice how these ended up on the Simon board as well? We hope to have a DC boost board available soon.

New AVR chip available! The ATmega168 has twice the memory of the ATmega8!

A few items added to the Dings and Dents category including the last of the Arduino USB boards, Capacitive AD7746 eval boards, and an HMC6352 board.

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