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Copenhagen Suborbitals Part III

It's a wrap - check out the final video from our trip to Copenhagen!

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First off, an order of business - SparkFun is having its annual Summer Excursion tomorrow (July 21st), so we will be on a skeleton staff for the afternoon. So get your orders in today!

Over the past couple months, we've been releasing videos documenting our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. This post marks the last installment of the videos - but first, a quick recap of our trip!

The primary reason for going to Copenhagen was to check out the Copenhagen Suborbitals team as they prepared for their launch. But the excursion turned out to be much more than we ever anticipated. Vanessa and Dzl (of Critical Corset fame) invited us onto the Illutron barge, which is essentially a big barge that has been turned into a collaborative art studio. It is docked in the port of Copenhagen. It was amazing to see a bunch of cool projects and meet a great group of people working together to innovate and create.

We also took a trip up to the Øresund Bridge to get to Malmö, Sweden. David Cuartielles (of Blushing Boy and Arduino) showed us around the interaction design program at Malmö University. Trust us when we say this is not your average engineering department!

Check out the video above to see Part III of some highlights from the trip (watch Part I and Part II first, if you'd like). It was a great experience! Special thanks to Jessica Grenier (professional photographer who accompanied us) and Sam Miller (videographer from The Rehab) for helping us document this wonderful trip.

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  • I really like that inspiring and artistic feel you always add to your short movies.
    The hi-def images, nice background music, the meeting of cool bright well-humored people...that transmits good vibrations and feels pretty inspiring.
    I am glad to be alive these days and think that maybe Sparkfun, Arduino, and other initiatives like that, are contributing to a more open and fun worldwide comunity where all the minds and hearts are working together towards making the world better thru technological advancements while having FUN, just because we can.
    Unlike a few years ago, when there was a lot of competition, ideias being hidden from others and egos being expanded, in the tech business, and everything was hard to get hard to find,hard to learn, hard to understand AND pay for. Almost like some kind of dark magic or something.

  • "The primary reason for going to Copenhagen was to ..."
    Why did this sentence peg my skept-o-meter?

  • Where is Sparkfun off to?
    Summer Excursion, I don't think there's any beaches near Boulder,CO
    Too Bad:(

  • How much time was spent exploring Christiania? It's an interesting place!

  • Pirate rocket scientists? Wish I had THAT on my resume...

  • ...so we will be on a skeleton staff for the afternnoon...

  • It's Wednesday, when do we learn we lost the contest? ;)

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