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New Product Friday: A Logical Assortment of New Products

We have some some new cool tools as well as some other goodies this week.

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If you aren't too busy playing Skyrim, we've got some new products to talk about. We have some new tools and a couple other exciting products, so let's see what we have.

Gregg is still out of town so Dave and I just shot a quick video. He'll be back next week so we can do a more in-depth video then.

A good multimeter is an essential tool to have for anyone interested in electronics. This new auto-ranging meter might be worth a look if you are in the market for a new one or don't already have one. It's auto-ranging which means you don't have to select the range you need, it will automatically adjust and display the right range. In addition, it comes with a temperature probe so you can measure temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. If that wasn't already enough, it even has a USB port which allows you to connect the unit to your computer and log, save, and recall data.

Just a few days ago Nathan was talking about his laser tape measure hacking challenge. In his tutorial he used the Salae Logic Analyzer to find the serial pins on the laser tape measure.  It's a great unit, but what if you need more channels or a faster sampling rate? Well, the new Logic16 should get the job done for you. It has 16 channels and can sample up to 100MHz when using 2 channels. It can even do 12.5MHz on all 16 channels.

We had a lot of fun with the large surface transducers we started carrying awhile back. These little guys are the same concept, but a bit smaller. They're roughly the size of a quarter and can handle about 1-2W of power. They don't transmit through materials as well as the larger ones, but with lighter materials like cardboard they work quite well and can get pretty loud.

It might not look like much, but the IC above is pretty exciting. It combines a 3-axis gyroscope with a 3-axis accelerometer in a 4mm square IC. In addition, the MPU-6050 also has an onboard Digital Motion Processor which allows it to integrate the output from an external magnetometer for 9 degrees of awesome. We are in the process of making a breakout board.  Sorry, no ETA, but feel free to make your own!

A couple of weeks ago we released the GPS-2106. We now have the interface cable and connector in stock so you can start playing with the unit. You will still need to create a footprint for the SMD connector however. We will be making a breakout board, but now you don't need to wait, you can make your own.

That's all we have for this week. We already have new stuff showing up for next week so be sure to check back next Friday. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  • seems like the video is still uploading, youtube was being a pain. the video will be up soon. for now, sit 6" from your monitor and stare at where the video is supposed to be, and let your imagination take you on a journey.

    • Video's up! Since it was just me behind the camera, don't judge the lighting or audio or anything. As for Rob's part, that's out of my hands :)

      • Too busy playing skyrim, drinking monster energy drink to have much of an attention......

      • Thank God we live in America, where I can judge all I want!

        • Some people live in Europe, some in Asia, some in Africa, from what country are you from? America is a veeery laaarge... continent.

          • North America and south America are continents, "the Americas" refers to the entire hemisphere, America is the short name for The United States of America, just like the Federal Republic of Brazil is just called Brazil.

          • Actually, in the English language 'America' is commonly used to refer to the United States of America, while 'The Americas' refers to the continent.

        • I was just gonna say 'sit back and enjoy', but it is the internet, judging WILL happen :-)

  • "It's tape!"

      • It's really handy and really neat that you got someone to catch you when you mess up. We all do it. Awesome. :-)

      • wow. I would never think anyone at SFE would think that people w/ disabilities are funny due to what they have to suffer w/..
        Robert, that's not cool at all.

        • I'm not making fun of anyone with disabilities. Watch the full video, the kid is not disabled. It's an unboxing video of a sword and the whole thing is comical.

        • That is totally over the top dude. You are taking a lot of liberties there. I stand up for Mr. C's innocence. Don't make me start an "Occupy Sparkfun".

    • Stole my comment right out of my keyboard!

      • o sorry! here you can have it back:

        "It's tape!"

        and here is picture of a cat for you to make up for it.


  • Hello,

    Been very busy these days, playing Skyrim (FU-RO-DAH !) of course and playing with my MPU-6000 prototypes (same as MPU-6050 but with SPI in addition to I2C).

    Very good sensors !

    Can't wait for the next one (it's said to be same package but with additional 3 axis compass ... still pin to pin compatible).


  • Wondered about the pronunciation of Saleae myself some time ago, so I asked.

    This straight from Joe at Saleae...


  • Logic 16 looks awesome.

    • Logic 16 is awesome. I use mine every day, and love it so much that I bought a Logic (8) so I could have one at home and one at work. (I owned 2 USBees but no longer use them because I like the Logic much more.) And, apparently, there are a whole lot of new software features that will be coming out eventually that will make the 16 even better.

  • If only Dave had known about the smaller transducers...


  • Given that you guys are so Open why don't you offer the Open Bench Logic Sniffer from Dangerous Prototypes?

  • Too bad the multimeter Software isn't avalaible for GNU/Linux nor MacOSX. Sparkfun, take note: multiplatform, please.

    • Give Virtual Box a try!

      • ...assuming we have a copy of windows. and WINE only works sometimes for some applications. I think it is worth getting a windows cd + virtual box over the hangover (headache from wine... hehe!).

        • You won't believe how many Windows XP upgrade disks I have, but no actual install disks... Although there are some DOS floppies kicking around somewhere... Darn It.

        • I got a not-very-common windows game called NReality working in WINE, there's just a little bit of lag, is all. I think the DMM software would work.

          • I think the issue is, would it be able to connect to serial port through WINE? I would guess it to work through virtual box

            • Actually, yes. All you have to do is symlink the /dev/ttyUSBn or /dev/ttyn file to ~/.wine/dosdevices directory. Or something like that - I don't have WINE installed on this computer and I haven't done it in a while.

            • If you just want to run, say, notepad or play mines, VirtualBox is great. But you need to install a million things just to get simple things working... but, after a lot of work, I have been able to get it to communicate with a USB flash drive, so I suppose this should work, too...


    • There's always WINE.

      • Have you gotten it working in WINE?

        edit: I wasn't reading, I thought you were talking about something else.

  • I did play Skyrim since this morning, but I did took a break to take a look at my NPF :P Great as usual, the mini surface transducer is making my imagination work now!

  • You can see a "Logic16" video review & teardown here:


    And other electronic related tutorials:


  • Do you guys ever plan to carry a connector for the Lassen GPS? It is a pain trying to connect that .05" header :/.

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