New Product Friday: Scoping it Out

More new products to make your wallet cry for mercy.

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Hello again and welcome to another installment of 'we have new stuff for you'! When will we run out of new products? Not this week, not yet.

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It's true, I'm not an engineer. I know the basics of an oscilloscope and logic analyzer, but sadly my job doesn't require me to use one on a daily basis. Check the product page for full specs.

Need a logic analyzer AND oscilloscope, but haven't won the lottery recently? Check out the MSO-28 by Link Instruments. The device is powered over USB and gives you all you need to troubleshoot your next project.

The LC6470 from STMicro is a microstepping stepper motor driver capable powering a 3A bipolar motor. It supports both 3.3V and 5V logic, and communicates over SPI, so it's easy to get it up and running. If you're looking to do stepper motors for your next project, take one of these for a spin!

In the 'retail products' category, we have another newcomer this week, the Car Diagnostic Kit. Consisting of the OBD-II UART board and  a OBD-II DB9 cable, it's a great way to start hacking (or diagnosing) your car.

Once you've successfully finished your proof-of-concept on a breadboard, the next step could be to get a custom PCB made and make your own board. If you don't need all the pins of an ATmega328, you can use several other AVR chip, including the ATtiny84. With 8K of room for programs and 12 I/O lines, you can still do quite a bit with it.

Surprisingly, two of our top sellers are the 6 and 8-pin stackable headers for Arduino. But, sometimes you don't want the added height of the stackables and just want a short header. That's why we now have a set of standard female headers. Use these on our Arduino Pro boards for a slimmer-fitting shield.

Need an ICSP header for your PIC board? This 5-pin header is common on a lot of PIC development boards and used for programming. We had a bunch left over in production, so we figured we'd send them your way.

Want to learn more about Netduino? Getting Started with Netduino gets you up to speed on the popular and powerful development platform. It teaches you how to install Visual Studio Express, .NET Framework, and the Netduino SDK, as well as programming, and gives you some example projects.

So, that's all I have for this week. I hope there's something in there that you can use. See you next week with more products.

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  • Any idea on what I'd need to build a 2'x2' CNC table for my plasma cutter. I wanna make a setup to cut shapes out of metal. What step motors, I just ordered the UNO what else would I need I'm new to all this

    • Hey Chad, This is what I came up with for research for the same kind of project.

      • Thanks that looks awesome. I'm really interested in this, do they have stepper motors on their website. Are you building one yourself.

        • stepper motors are a dime a dozen and can be found anywhere. A plasma torch shouldn't need that much torque however speed kills torque on a stepper so keep that in mind.

    • I'd do a lot of Googling for DIY CNC projects. There are quite a few out there, with very good information on what works and what doesn't. It's such a complex field that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

  • I'll give you $100 for that MSO-28 you show in the video. Technically it is Used since it has been opened and taken out of the box. Therefore it can no longer be sold as new!

    Besides, if I were the boss, I would not let you play with such an expensive item. I have been watching these videos for a while. I see how you act!

  • Okay so I guess that stepper driver would be fine for the NEMA-17

  • Oh wow! I just stumbled onto the 5-pin connector and now its in the new product post.....freaky


    • Having never done anything with steppers and such, can anyone tell me what designates big? I've always thought about making the whiteAnt 3D printer. Are those big steppers?

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