Enjoy this compilation of relatable answers from the SparkFun team

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Check out some of the impressive work from our Community Partners!

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We use 0603 SMD packages but the electronics world uses much smaller sized components.

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A celebration of our community, and the reason we're here

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We give you stuff. You give us stuff. Everyone wins!

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If you order batteries from us, you'll want to read this.

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Or, what happens when you literally break the mold.

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Let's welcome Glenn Samala to his crazy new family.

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Making strides in workplace diversity

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We want to educate everyone. That means helping the government when they ask.

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When New York has a ghost problem they call the Ghostbusters. When you have problems using a SparkFun part, who you gonna call?

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These electrifying little devices are getting more restricted by the year.

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Let's take a look at which OS(s) our engineers and customers prefer.

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Thanks, friend! I appreciate the support :)
My advice (for what it’s worth) is to always remember that while communication is good, reliable communication is better. To avoid…
Great project Feldi, I learned something new and the lesson helps understand another project I’m working on. Thanks for continuing to share…
In your Arduino code, you have defined “int pot = A0;”, and used it in the pinMode() call, but in the analogRead() call you go back to…
This is also available in the Arduino environment under: File>examples>communication>graph. You just need to match the port to the port your…
The fritzing diagram was accidentally left out.
It’s so much fun seeing all the new RFID things they keep making. RFID will be a gateway into so many cook things, from medical records…
You actually get a fire extinguisher from your kid on Father’s Day! I mean WTH…It probably is for the best though. There HAVE been issues.
… your girlfriend asks what you want for your birthday, and you respond with “Adafruit’s 10-color assortments of…

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