FTDI's latest driver update appears to be semi-permanently disabling counterfeit FT232 chips.

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In honor of Manufacturing Day 2014 (Friday, October 3rd) - We take a look at how SparkFun puts a dozen or so new products on the website each week.

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Sweeping legal changes are afoot that could change the hobbyist airspace for years to come. Your input can make a difference.

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SparkFun joins a slew of websites across the net protesting the FCC's plans to gut Net Neutrality

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The Move Is On!

Please hang with us as we get settled in at our new digs.

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We are selling our "older" reflow oven for the low low price of $2000 or a reasonable offer.

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Things are about to change forever for SparkFun!

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Net neutrality and the open internet: why it's important, how it's at risk today, and what you can do about it right now.

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SparkFun moves up to a "real building" - business ensues

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With SparkFun moving forward, we take a glance at the past.

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We've launched a bit bucket for all your data.

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Wrangling our free shipping program into shape.

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A shake-up at GitHub highlights ongoing gender bias in the tech industry, prompting a response from SparkFun

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SparkFun has reacted quickly to protect ourselves and our customers against the Heartbleed vulnerability

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How SparkFun has maintained a high dog:human ratio as the company has grown up.

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