Check out some of the highlights (and lowlights) from this year's AVC!

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Join us at the reservoir or on the livestream!

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A montage of photos from events we've visited thus far in 2014.

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Calling all AVC Spectators - it's nearly time to get your proof of concept turned in!

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Guest blogger and chair of the 2014 Open Hardware Summit, Addie Wagenknecht breaks down this year's participation call for the summit in Rome, Italy.

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Today we are live streaming our Pure Data & Arduino class.

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SparkFun is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week!

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The Ara Modular Smartphone Developers Conference was on April 15-16. We were there. This is what we learned.

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Helping out our furloughed friends, one kit at a time.

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Monday, November 26 is Cyber Monday and SparkFun is getting in on the action.

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SparkFun went to Maryland in August to teach the teachers. Check out our adventures there!

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Mike and Pete take a road trip to an innovative aerospace conference to find out more about the final frontier for amateur spacecraft makers

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We're embarking on a tour of the Western USA! Can we sleep on your couch? (Not really)

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Hahaha.. this is one of the greatest SparkFun videos ever. The servo trigger is a pretty cool little product, and Nic’s in-character singing…
They are not the sale prices. Those won’t be posted until 12:01 a.m. MDT, 3/28/15.
How much are the FTDI basic boards going to be on sale for?
Wonderful information, that I have seen. and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just…
I have a silly question: are the prices listed here the final sale prices? When I click through to the individual product pages I see that…
We have quite a large variety of header pins that we are selling these days, across both individual unit SKUs and included in kits. And it…
Haha, nice! Totally agree on keeping it simple and easy for young kids. Evan our Mechanical Engineer did a [Bristlebot on SparkFun…
I might have to try this. I just got a dinged and dented pro mini that’s begging to be used in a project. I have an addition to the tips. If…
Yup! I met some of the bare conductive folks on a trip to Shenzhen! They were in well before the current Arduino foofarah. Even now I’d…
…and I am also curious about what your product is! (if you would like to share)

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