Our first ever guest appearance for the new product post.

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Friday is the best day of the week. The weekend is close and the new products are many.

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Another demo, some more new products, and witty banter.

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We're back with more products and a couple of demos. Check out the video and the assortment of new stuff.

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Some tools, a mistake, the future of Arduino, and a sewing kit. What's not to love about this week's products?

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More new products to make your wallet cry for mercy.

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Some more new products and a terrible demo.

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Another big week for new products. Check out all the connectors, plugs, and tools we have for this week.

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It's a big week for new products. We've got a lot this week, so get your tax refunds ready!

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Check out the new products for the week and see what our roof looks like.

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This week we play some pranks with our new products.

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The weekend is almost here, so we're talking about the new products from this week and demonstrating a couple as well.

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Another round of new products, and the introduction of our newest project, the ShakeSphere.

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We've got even more new products for this week including a lot of new books. It's never too late to learn!

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It's Friday, so we have more new products to talk about. Some GPS stuff, some copper tape, and a new magnetic card reader!

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Another week, another new round of products.

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It's yet another new product post with a couple breakout boards and some products you asked for last week!

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SparkFun is clearing out our production stock and we have a few ICs that we don't use on current assemblies. Check out those and some new products.

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Another round of new products, and a special project for this week.

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will there be any iOS app demo for the Artemis?

Quite honestly, he's a regular Charles Herbert!

Sweet new product post. I am noticing a curious trend when Nathan comes for Friday Product Posts. There are no blooper takes! What up with…

This is awesome! I'm doing something similar -- right now it's running on a pi-zero-w, but I'm looking into esp32 as an option (I'm serving…

Sorry about that. The other tutorials also had a slight change in the tutorial name. They are now linked properly. =)

Sorry about that. The name of the tutorial was adjusted for the product. It is fixed now! =)

The gator:soil got a guide that proclaimed it was retired, and the other two got the same resuilt as the microphone...

I just looked at the gator:microphone page, and when I clicked on the "Hookup Guide" box I got a…

If you are into this stuff, make sure to check out Flite Test on YouTube!

Great write up, and this sounds like a great way to spend a June day. I will definitely have to catch it next year!

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