Plenty of new micro:bit products, Printed Sensors from Bare Conductive, and the new guidebook for the SIK v4.0!

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Holy new products, Batman! Today we have the new Pixy2 CMUcam5, a new high-grade soldering iron from Weller, and a few new LilyPad e-textile boards!

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The RedBoard Edge is here along with the Flexible Grayscale OLED Breakout, Qwiic-enabled Differential I2C Breakout and RTC Module, and an APRS transmitter!

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LoPy4 is here with a few ways to help you use it, as well as a new version of the Jumper Wire Kit with 5x more wires!

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Interface even easier with your micro:bit with SparkFun's new gator:bit carrier board, turn your Raspberry Pi into an Amazon Alexa, and expand your pixels with a new RGB LED matrix!

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Three new Qwiic sensor boards for plenty of different applications, as well as four LED packs with built-in resistors!

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Three brand new audio boards are ready to treat your ears, as well as a new 12-button keypad, are all available on this fine Friday!

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A new LiDAR module, a silicone soldering mat, and a few handy revisions!

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On this fine Friday, we bring you a new NFC-RFID Expansion Board for the Onion Omega, and three skinny, addressable RGBW LED strips!

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Two new Qwiic boards to help you connect with I2C, and three new rotary potentiometers!

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Welcome to a very super special Sunday product post! There's no ulterior motive for this; none at all!

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Plenty of soldering kits are now available for you to learn or practice on!

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We interrupt your normal Tuesday post for a very special announcement!

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Happy early St. Patrick's Day! Would anyone like some Pi?

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Today we release a big product line of Helium products, including the Atom Prototyping Module, Element Access Point, Adapter Boards and a couple of kits!

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Yeah, the name of this Friday Product Post isn't necessarily the correct saying, but we are just too excited to announce the SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board!

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A new, handy Variable Load Kit, an LED "Neon" Flex Rope, three types of LED hookup connectors and new (cheaper) PLA filament for your 3D printer!

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Look through walls with the Walabot, light up a project with a strip of APA102-2020 LEDs and protect your HATs on your SmartiPi Touch!

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long PIR timeout IMHO, if you're using a PIR as an input to a micro, you're probably better off setting the PIR to it's minimum timeout…

Hmm... hadn't thought of using the female headers for those "off-grid" pins on the pro-Minis. (I've cut one end off a couple of M-M jumpers…

Yeah, you're making some great points! I especially like the idea of some kind of cue before the lights turn out. I had considered keeping…

Rather than considering it an "intruder" I'd be inclined to use a PIR as a sanity check for the occupancy count: if the count is zero, and…

I’ve used the sharp sensors for many robotic sensors for maze runners and mini-sumo, no people counting. The ones that feature an analog…

It'll also tell me if my dogs are in my office....not a bad idea.

There's nothing that says you can't have BOTH sensor systems! Indeed, as I type this, it's looking like the two 737-Max 8 crashes may have…

I've seen coworkers waving their arms like you mentioned because the PIR sensor doesn't sense them in their office. I worried about the same…

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