We're still exploring some Halloween projects - this time, a Jacob's Ladder!

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Flying Ghost

Just a few days after Halloween, there is still time for a spooky project!

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An entertaining project that'll keep peeping toms at bay!

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An impressive quadcopter from the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania!

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A helpful video showing you how to integrate a magnetic card reader into your project!

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With our powers combined, you can make your project complete (and extra awesome)!

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More new products to get your next project rolling!

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Feel like dancing? We've got the project for you!

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The UAV v2 Development Platform project demonstrates its ability to successfully navigate autonomously, through takeoff and landing.

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Check out this pair of projects from a father-son duo!

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Check out this project from Dwight Eppinger, the Interactive Marketing Manager at Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

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An amazing LED matrix project out of France!

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The final installment of the High Altitude Balloon saga!

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The ever-popular FT232R can do much more than just enable USB in your project.

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A project we featured in our latest ad created by interactive artist Jen Lewin.

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You've got to watch this video! Part two of the HAB series contains information on the balloon, enclosure, the cut-down system, as well as information about our still and video camera systems.

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How to launch a helium balloon to 100,000 feet and take a picture of the curvature of the earth. And then lose the whole contraption out in a wheat field somewhere unknown.

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Ultra-cool ultrasonic sensors are a perfect and simple way to add object or distance sensing to your project!

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An amazing project from Rob Seward - "Four Letter Words".

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Check out this cool project from Jeff Miller featuring the SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini!

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Walmart is selling plastic "crayon boxes" for $1 a pop (at least in the stores I've checked in AZ and CT). They are a great size for small…

Yeah, not as exciting. But I included some pictures of the boards highlighted? Ha ha.

Ah drivers... Not nearly as exciting as your normal dance costume posts, but probably significantly more important... if only we could get…

This sounds like the Klutz "Lego Crazy Action Contraptions" book+kit, which has been updated slightly over the years, but still…

Just a heads up, the video mentions dual 3A ports on the battery pack. However, only one of the ports outputs 3A.

I like where you are headed with that... you could also add an eccentric rotating mass (ERM) (aka vibrating) motor to get it to wobble.

Here is the GitHub repository for this project (also linked above). I believe the files are in the…

I know there are specific restrictions on international orders (however, the rules get changed every few months). As a rule of thumb, if…

Unfortunately, we do not and JOEL_E_B has moved on to his next adventure. However, he did link the…

And, if you don't want it riding around in the car, you could substitute a "human presence sensor" (e.g., motion sensor or range sensor) for…

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