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Check out this GPS-based project from a SparkFun customer.

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Check out this customer eye-tracker project!

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Check out this awesome project from a SparkFun customer!

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Ever thought about hacking a laser tape measure? Now's your chance!

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We have a good balance of products for this week. Check them out and see if one can be a solution for a problem with your project.

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Check out this project/tutorial about building your own face tracking camera!

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A fellow maker with a great project!

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Check out this project to build your very own thermographic camera.

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Tech Support's very own Michelle shows you how to use an X2 Gateway in your next project.

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Check out this awesome project from Make.

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So you want an Arduino compatible microcontroller with a small footprint? Look no further!

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You'll never have to walk again with this DIY Segway.

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Check out this awesome project from a couple of Eastern Washington students.

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Archive your photos and documents without spending all day at the scanner.

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Announcing a new class series all about XBee!

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We're just back from Maker Faire so check out this nice project we saw while we were there.

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Check out this nice e-textiles project from a SparkFun customer.

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The perfect project if you just can't get enough Facebook.

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Check out another awesome KickStarter project!

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Sweet! I like the use of the ESP8266 to log data on ThingSpeak.

Great idea. 😀 I'm going to build an electric go kart next and that will greatly simplify the control system.

One change that would eliminate the need for a servo and gear shifter is use an electric generator to run an electric motor using a variable…

Please be aware that most SSRs ( If not all ) have a leakage current so there is a voltage present on switched side of the SSR even when it…

You're math is quite correct. Good catch!

"Flipping a light switch can often take upwards of 1000 milliseconds, assuming you are even close to it!" and later on "extremely fast…

A few other points (from someone who's been using relays for more than half a century): Although you alluded to it near the end, mechanical…

You might want to mention that there are different kinds of SSRs to switch different loads (AC, DC, AC/DC). While obvious after the fact,…

Per your request I started a google group DIYMowers I also purchased diymowers.com. Please join.…

You are correct about start mode. That was an over site on my part. I believe the mower will start in gear, with brake off but that's…

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