Check out beat jazz musician Onyx Ashanti's project!

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How to use SparkFun's LilyPad products to incorporate light into your textile projects!

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Check out today's Roundtable project with Joel, SparkFun Product Vetter.

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Another week, another collection of new goodies. Ding and Dents, magnet wire, and a few other new products to help you complete your next project.

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This week we're back with more new products and another demo project.

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We're back with a whole bunch of new products and our most dangerous project to date, the EPIC. Check out the video and the products.

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Boulder Hackerspace autoponics project gets love from CU and NASA

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Check out this amazing project from SparkFun customer Peter Jansen.

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Check out this nice project from a SparkFun customer.

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The IOIO has found it's home with many Android devices. This blog post compiles all of the most recent IOIO projects and documentation into one place, in addition we are introducing a IOIO class.

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Check out this awesome project from our friends at mbed.

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Another round of new products, and the introduction of our newest project, the ShakeSphere.

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Check out the SparkFun Laser Limbo Project!

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Check out this project inspired by "Young Frankenstein."

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Another round of new products, and a special project for this week.

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What about Adafruitś IO platform? ( And your Phant platform?? (
I want to see that when it’s finished Rob! You also gave me another idea of taking apart dollar store solar lawn light stakes and using the…
I was concerned as well. That’s why you see fewer and fewer pieces of electronics cast in concrete with each iteration. At the suggestion of…
My career in electronics started at the age of 5 with a Radio Shack 150-in-one electronics kit–very much like this one. GREAT way to start…
I would be concerned about encasing a Lithium battery in concrete. Check out the videos on the dangers of lithium batteries then imagine…
A one pound spool of solder is one of your monthly “Subscribe and Save” items.
I happened to think of something from when I was a young kid back in the early 60s: One of the activities at “summer bible school” one year…
In Sun City, AZ, many homes have green-dyed concrete in lieu of grass…
That’s one of the best parts of being an adult though, the ability to buy all the toys you never got as a kid!

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