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New MP3 belt buckle tutorial and a handful of new products covering Uzebox open source game console, Arduino compatible Funnel I/O, Port-o-Rotary Blue (with Bluetooth? connection!), function generator and counter kits, and the new Arduino Ethernet Shield.

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Nuclear Fusion

Checkout our caliper battery hack and a new class on creating basic schematics.

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Successful Simon Class

We had a great time at the Simon class on Wednesday. Checkout the class photos and some new products!

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Checkout this handful of projects including robot control using an accelerometer, outlet relay control, and a massive LED POV installation.

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SparkFun makes the list of OSH projects

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An awesome LED project by SparkFun customer Nick Hall and a handful of new products ranging from an extra "clicky" push-button to a tiny serial enabled GPS.

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Blinded With Science

New robotics products, some hardware bits, and a new touch screen.

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A handful of new products, an ingenious tutorial, and SparkFun's first class!

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Kill A Watt

We disclose the deep dark secret that is power waste.

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Oh Snap!

Correct tactical usage of the phrase 'Oh Snap!'

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A Weather Station, some breakout boards, soldering tools, and a few other cool new products. Oh, and a very important tutorial.

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What do you do with this 'embedded electronics' thing? You scare cats. Fun random links and a few pictures of the SparkFun Pumpkin. Cause we're cool like that.

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All New Stuff

Some new widgets: Light sensor, Lantronix ethernet breakout, cables, magnets, compasses, and Arduino ICs.

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Battery vs. Water Tank

How much water does it take to replace a battery?

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Returning from a great weekend at Maker Faire, we've got some new items posted and some pictures from Austin.

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We'll have the LilyPad kits available for sale at the Maker Shed. And we now have a PDF catalog!

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Plaid PCBs and Tron

We're bringing a fun kit to Maker Faire and showing off the new game on the LED Coffee Table.

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Counterfeit Parts

Non-technical people writing about planes falling out of the sky.

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We're heading to Austin! And we added 75 new footprints to our public Eagle Library

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A great project from a mad customer and new products in RFID, GPS, and a new WiFi module!

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AAA holders are a great option too, especially because those are a lot easier to find locally than some of the specialty batteries like…
One option I’ve used to power “wearables” is Adafruit’s 3xAAA with a switch which gives about 4.5V…
I actually had a lot of conversations about this at Denver Comic Con this weekend when people were asking how I powered my [light up fairy…
One safety tip that I’d add is to be careful to design any wearable that involves a LiPo so that you can EASILY take it off in a…
A few safety tips when using LiPos: * Always store your batteries in and enclosure free of sharp objects. When installing a battery in your…
18650s and the 6A DC/DC converter we sell! (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9370) Good for powering projects with lots of lights.
I’d thought, at first, about something like a “big button” or an [“arcade…
Very good point that I missed (this was a little rushed) quantities absolutely matter and will factor in.
Hey ‘773! For the “who’s turn” indicator, I think the problem you’d run into is that people will forget to hit the button (or whatever) to…
A few more comments (after thinking a bit in the shower)… I’d say that there’s a very high probability that the chip in these parts is…

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