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This is very interesting and great work! I just opened an IKEA Växer 10W for plant growth. The LED board drew 160 mA and the voltage for it…
Again no Europe ? :(
Your electronic cat is unbelievable good,extraordinary looking for LED lighting. I think you have to get an award.
+1 - totally agree! Nothing frustrates me more than a potentially interesting article that is some sloooowly paced video that takes five…
Reminds me of the time my wife and I visited the Grand Canyon. Looking across the canyon, your mind really can’t “get its arms around” the…
Thanks for sharing the great read. This is something really unique I have read till now. As my per my views, having the home office…
If 50% of these are going to end up in a customers dumpster all over the US then as toxic stuff in landfills, is it not better off being in…
The best way I have found to power an arduino project with solar is a pv panel charging a lithium ion battery and a dc to dc converter…

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