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Great video, guys! And thanks for taking my questions. (I do beg to differ on one point: I think the DARPA Challenges had at least a *little…
What do you miss most about the AVC (year 1 vs now)? What are you looking forward to in the future for the AVC?
Curious, what are your thoughts on Python in general?
Is there ANY chance the aerial category will come back (Indoors, FAA license requirement etc.)?
Here in the Phoenix area, the fear-mongering media tends to be hostile towards the on-going development of self-driving automobiles, while…
What advice do you have for a team of middle school students coming to their first AVC competition?
What technological improvement spurred on by AVC has impressed/inspired you the most? (Both in the maker community and commercially.)
I’d be interested to hear how the purpose has evolved over time. And how the competition has evolved. And where do you think it is going in…
Nate and Pete: What do you consider to be the purpose of the AVC?

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