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We have a nice RFID guide video to share with you plus an article and video about SparkFun from a local news station.

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SparkFun gets counterfeit parts, buys nitric acid and a microscope, finds lack of silicon.

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AVC Recap

The 2010 AVC was a smashing success - and we can't wait for next year!

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This is your go-to post for all the info about the 2010 SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition!

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Craig Ferguson's new slick talking sidekick uses the MP3 Trigger and Rebel LED's

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SparkFun and SPARC International agree to play together; do not throw sand.

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We've got an AVC poster, a video, the Arduino Inventor's Kit, a new GPS, FTDI Cables, and a handful of other new products.

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We Sell Yak Fur

When you find yourself shaving a yak, stop, take a deep breath, and get back to your project.

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And In Other News

Best SparkFun stories for the day...

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A great project for model railroading and a cool LilyPad design!

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A reminder about the AVC, a new tutorial, and SparkFun in 3D!

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Say "hello" to the Arduino FIO - plus a few other new products!

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Register as a spectator for the AVC! And watch SparkFun's foray into the electric vehicle market.

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We have a new tutorial designed to help you find the right Arduino, plus a whole bunch of new products.

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Nate travels through UBC in Vancouver discovering amazing research projects and beautiful art, finishing up with a ride on the Mondo Spider.

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We have a cool project from Engineer Chris, a tutorial from Casey, a behind-the-scenes ad shoot video, and an announcement about Maker Faire!

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BatchPCB unveils a cool new feature today - a marketplace! Plus, a really cool project out of Denmark!

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A look at some of the competitors in SparkFun's 2010 AVC!

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A new tutorial on how to remove layers in Eagle, plus a helpful Simon PTH Video, and check out the new ad we shot!

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I did look into using the Artemis, but as of right now HID hasn’t been implemented. I know the engineers working on the development have…

Broken: Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:…

I believe the ESP32 actually has a deep sleep (ULP) functionality, just not in Arduino-land. I remember someone trying to [get people…

We are still working on getting a fully featured BLE running for the Artemis, with examples. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff goes into getting…

I put in a product suggestion for a FRAM breakout board (a few years ago) and to use with microcontrollers that needed it for program memory…

Hey 773! Sounds like you're not using Eagle much these days, but I thought I'd mention that Buzzard

Dude Alex! Great project and great upgrade! I'm definitely gonna have to build one of these up sometime soon. Group select is probably my…

I was surprised to see you used the ESP32 for a wireless keypad application. While it has some nice features, low power was not one of them.…

I agree about the Artemis! I’d like to see Sparkfun’s engineers use their Artemis boards they advertise to be so much in write ups like…

Hi Alex! Great post! In my experience, <s>Buzzard</s>Eagle can use all the help it can get! (I prefer to use KiCad or gEDA, though the…

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