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Looks like it was a fun event. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing this new idea. I love to follow you.

How are you going to accurately detect the line between cut and not cut grass? You have to follow that precisely and I don't know of a…

Yep, you are crazy.. but it's my kind of crazy.. My lawn robot is a 16 year old, fueled by pizza! I would include a continuous data stream…

Indeed, the video below shows such a zero-turn mower.

I have two push mowers that are radio controlled. I have mowed with them for the past two summers . Not autonomous but fun and fast. Mowing…

Seems like a garden tractor is a poor base platform for a project like this. A Zero turn mower in my mind is more appropriate because speed,…

Here's the result of our Oct 2009 weekend stab at such a project: https://youtu.be/wHyQWShZJ14 The tape…

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