3D Models of SparkFun Parts!

Computer drafting technology has come a long way in just a short time. That makes sense, I suppose, because computers haven’t been around for very long. Even the mathematics to describe curves in a computable way is fairly young. Only a few decades ago you had to use CAD (Computer Aided…

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NeverNude Prototype

Today, I would like to introduce you to my latest creation - the NeverNude prototype in honor of the new season of Arrested Development that will be released on Netflix on May 26th. If you’re not familiar with the show, I hope this ridiculous project piques your interest enough to watch this…

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Exploring the pcDuino

It’s Monday, Tax Day, and in Boulder, it’s also snowing heavily and stubbornly refusing to become spring, so let’s all take a deep breath and focus on the positive. Since we started carrying it about month and a half ago, we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the potential…

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New Product Friday: Do A Barrel Roll!

Is it Friday again already? Wow! Well let’s see what kind of new products we’ve got for this week. Once again I’ll be your host while Rob’s out of town irradiating himself. Vimeo version can be found here Don’t hate on my pull-chain barrel jack switch! If you found…

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Fighting Walrus Radio - iPad/iPhone UAV Base-station

When I first heard the name “Fighting Walrus Radio,” I wasn’t sure if it was a clever name for some indie rock station or a reference to two walruses duking it out over an AM/FM set - turns out, probably not so surprisingly, it’s neither. The Fighting Walrus Radio is a…

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Engineering Roundtable - RFID Garage Door "Open Sesame!"

RFID (or radio-frequency identification) is one of those magical technologies that, no matter how many times I use it in a project, it still seems novel. In today’s episode of “Engineering Roundtable,” SparkFun Engineer/Product Vetter Joel dives into some of the nitty-gritty behind…

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SparkFun at the National Robotics Challenge and Fuse Factory in Ohio!

In the next week, SparkFun will be traveling all around (namely the NSTA conference in San Antonio and the Cambridge Science Festival) and there’s a good chance you’ll get to see us! A couple of us are heading to Ohio for the National Robotics Challenge in Marion, OH. This event takes…

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The STEMosphere is almost here!

On Saturday, May 4, we’re taking part in the Morgridge Family Foundation’s STEMosphere Share Fair, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Ritchie Center on the University of Denver campus. Organized into circuits of DIY Electronics, Roots & Shoots, Colorado Lifestyle,…

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New Product Friday: Mux Mux Revolution

Welcome Back! Robert’s on vacation for a few weeks so I’ll be showcasing our new products. This week it looks like it’s all about giving your Arduino some new abilities. Let’s jump in and see what we’ve got! Vimeo link here Aside from the terrible music and the…

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Cambridge Bound!

Back in February, a team of Sparkfunions were in Cambridge with the Artisan’s Asylum to participate in the Make a Makerspace conference. We’re excited to be returning to Massachusetts and be a part of the week-long festivities at the Cambridge Science Festival! A view from last year’s…

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SparkFun Heading to the NSTA Conference

Next week, April 11-14, SparkFun is heading to the National Science Teachers Association Conference in San Antonio, TX. The conference’s theme is “Next Generation Science: Learning, Literacy, and Living,” and will focus on Next Generation Assessments, Next Generation Elementary…

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Class Reminder - Drawing the Electric Synth with Sam Jacoby

Today we wanted to let you know there are still a few spots remaining for what is going to be an awesome class - Drawing the Electric Synth with Sam Jacoby. Sam, a student at High-Low Tech at MIT’s Media Lab, will be leading the workshop taking place this Saturday, April 6th at 9 a.m. Mountain…

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According to Pete - The Time Cube

Welcome to yet another edition of “According to Pete.” Today, our Director of Engineering Pete Dokter explores the possibility of time travel. The results, to say the least, are stunning. Check it out: Vimeo version can be found here As always, feel free to leave any questions or…

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New Product Friday: Teensy New Products

Welcome back! It’s been another week and we have several new products to talk about. So let’s jump right in and see what we’ve got. Vimeo version can be found here If you need a powerful microcontroller in a small package, be sure to check out the new Teensy boards. We’re now…

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Chernobyl and the Leiger

Early one Saturday morning in April 1986, a series of human errors led to the one of the worst and most memorable nuclear disasters in human history. Poor reactor design, inadequate safety procedures, and hubris caused an explosion to spread high levels of radiation thousands of square miles across…

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Engineering Roundtable - Infrared Transmission with the IR Shark!

In today’s edition of “Engineering Roundtable,” SparkFun Engineer and all-around swell guy Chris Taylor discusses infrared protocol and his newest project - the IR Shark. Inspired by the TV-b-Gone, Chris' project uses infrared technology to not only transmit IR TV commands, but to…

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AVC Reminder

Just a couple weeks ago, we released the course preview and competition details for the 2013 SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition (or AVC). The response has been outstanding. As of right now, we have 32 teams signed up and a hundred spectators registered. It’s shaping up to be an awesome…

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Exploring the 4D Systems Screens

Quick note - Winter Storm Virgil (still weirds me out that snowstorms get names) is causing some shipping delays in the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Just be aware your SparkFun order might take a little longer because of this.…

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New Product Friday: Moving Right Along

Welcome back to another riveting installment of “show me the new stuff y'all got this week”. We do indeed have new products for you, so check them out! Vimeo version can be found here We will be working on a proper demo of the new mecanum wheels in the upcoming weeks. The last time we…

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National Tour Update

Last month, we announced the SparkFun National Tour - an event where we will travel across the country teaching students, teachers, librarians, and other educators about DIY electronics and how they can be part of the modern classroom. Today, we wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made…

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unmanaged / 7 hours ago 1

Hey Nick… Just to FYI the users and hackers at sparkfun… if you are using devices that draw more then about a half of an amp I would…

Re: Engineering Roundtable - Interactive Hanging LED Array

Member #240011 / 13 hours ago 1

It would have been cool to route the wiring above the paneled ceiling.

Re: Engineering Roundtable - Interactive Hanging LED Array

Accipiter / 14 hours ago 1

All fun and bantor, but seriously; I’m not getting any response as to which class to enter my VTOL in. So, I’m going to enter it in the…

Re: Announcing AVC 2014!

Jeff Leigh / 18 hours ago 1

It’s like inventing a bubble snap-case for the latest new design of Lego brick… with holes in the top to accommodate connections with…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Jeff Leigh / 19 hours ago 1

I would love to see a wider array of generic, easy to mod cases - for those of us who just can’t seem to paint inside the lines. Or how…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

ccbundy / 22 hours ago 1

A robot is a device that performs a task w/o human oversight. That implies it may have input from sensors, but definitely has to have a…

Re: Enginursday: The Hormes Robot Platform

Greggor / 1 day ago 1

I was scrambling to get #10 done last night and I just simply ran out of time. It will be live soon on our [YouTube…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Member #437455 / 1 day ago 1

Will there be any more robotics 101 videos?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

s73v3r / 1 day ago 1

How do any of these cases cope with having shields/capes put on the board?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

RobertC. / 1 day ago 1

0! but you do get disqualified, so there’s that. ;-)

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

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