SparkFun at Make a MakerSpace, hosted by Artisan's Asylum, Part 1

As an Educational Outreach Coordinator for SparkFun Electronics, I have seen a myriad of different educational environments since being hired in 2010. These spaces range from traditional schools to libraries to HackerSpaces and other forms of “spaces.” Schools, museums and libraries tend…

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New Product Friday: Shieldstravaganza!

This week we have a smaller than usual list of new products, so I decided to do something a bit different. I was wanting to talk about a product that we carry that’s never gotten a proper introduction, but it didn’t seem fair to pick just one. So, for the next couple of weeks, I present…

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SparkFun Teaches at Missouri 4-H Robotics Conference

The West Coast tour last fall was amazing. We met a bunch of people, taught a whole lot and got to see some awesome projects. Hoping to be home in time for Halloween, we drove through the night and found ourselves cooking cinnamon rolls for breakfast while the RV chugged up over the Rocky Mountains…

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Introduction to Infrared with Jeff

Over the past couple months we’ve been building some tutorials on beginner concepts like robotics motors and servo motors with Jeff, one of our educational outreach coordinators. For our most recent addition, Jeff covers the basics of infrared - how to set up different sensors,…

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West Coast Tour 2012, Part 2

As our travels continued we headed for the Bay Area, catching a night in the mountains outside Santa Cruz. It was then on into San Francisco to hit our next round of workshops. Our next appointment was at Noisebridge in the Mission District. We’d been talking to Mitch Altman, and he asked if we…

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West Coast Tour 2012, Part 1

SparkFun travels a lot these days. The Education Department spent most of September and October 2012 traveling, meeting our customers and teaching. With the announcement of the SparkFun National Tour last week, we thought it would be a good time to share our story about one of these trips. Last…

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New Product Friday: Shaking Things Up

Before we get started on today’s homepage post, we want to provide an update about the SparkFun National Tour. It was originally stated that a tour stop would cost $2,500 - this includes all the hardware, support materials, and a full-day of training. However, after a bit of discussion,…

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Join Us On Our National Tour

You might remember back in November/December when we ran an (unsuccessful) Kickstarter to help fund a “SparkFun National Tour” - an event where we would travel the country teaching students, teachers, librarians, and other educators about DIY electronics and how they can be part of the…

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Engineering Roundtable - Building A Pinball Machine with Nick Poole

Pinball is one of those classic games that always brings back memories. I fondly recall the Indiana Jones pinball machine at a local restaurant - it had a pistol grip for the ball launch that for a 10-year old was the coolest thing ever. In today’s episode of “Engineering…

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Free EAGLE Webinars

First things first, announcing the caption contest winner. We won’t always like to pick the caption that got the most upvotes, but this one was just too good. Congrats to jma89 - you’re the winner! Schrödinger’s dog: Both Lucky and unlucky, even when observed. Check your email for…

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New Product Friday: The RedBoard is Here

Hello loyal followers, occasional visitors, and accidentally stumbled upon us-ers! We’re back, because it’s Friday. So that means it’s time for some new products. Not only do we have some new products this week, but we’ve also got another demo, in addition to the product…

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February Caption Contest

Well it’s a new month, and based on the Post-It note on my computer monitor, I am legally and morally obligated to do a caption contest. So here it goes. First off, the rules: Leave your best caption to the picture below in the comments. Do not submit them any other way (this means email, the…

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Q&A with Jenny Young and Dave VanEsselstyn

SparkFun runs a sponsorship program that offers products and financial support to people who need a little help with their electronics projects around the world. We recently received a request from a center in New York that wanted to provide kits for their children’s programs and, as a company…

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Remembering Aaron Swartz

First off, please be forewarned that the following post covers a “heavier” subject than you might be used to seeing here. If you are at all even tangentially interested in this subject, you have probably already heard the news that on January 11th, 2013, Aaron Swartz (of RSS, Reddit, and…

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According to Pete - Voltage Regulators

For the novice electronics enthusiast, powering your project properly can be one of the most difficult pitfalls of DIY embedded systems. In today’s edition of “According to Pete,” SparkFun Director of Engineering Pete Dokter helps you out by diving head-first into the world of…

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New Product Friday: Going Global

Yo, it’s Friday. That means sweet new products! And we’ve got more new products than you can shake a stick at. Also, check out the video for a full assembly of the new FabFM Kit. You can watch the Vimeo version here. So hopefully that gives you a better idea on what’s involved with…

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The Geekiest Wedding Invites Ever

Planning a wedding is no small task. There is the venue, the catering company, the annoying wedding planner to deal with, the cake - and, of course, figuring out how to etch your own copper to create your interactive, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations. Right? This project comes from electronics…

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Engineering Roundtable - Digitizing Your Electronic Blanket

In today’s episode of “Engineering Roundtable,” SparkFun product guru Joel Bartlett attempts to burn down his house connect his electric blanket to the internet. You see, the reason is simple - after Joel spends an evening at Boulder’s hackerspace Solid State Depot, he likes…

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Upcoming XBee Class

When you are looking to make your latest project wireless, you have a few options, including the tried-and-true bluetooth protocol. However, another great option is XBee, which has become one of the go-to methods for wireless communication in DIY embedded systems. To help you along, our education…

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DESIGN West and Talking with Clive "Max" Maxfield

DESIGN West is just around the corner (April 22-25, 2013) and this is an event you do not want to miss. As they describe it, it’s “TED meets LED.” Also, SparkFun will be there doing some workshops! We recently spoke with Clive “Max” Maxfield, friend of SparkFun, Editor…

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Recent Blog Comments

lcox / 2 hours ago 1

Definitely gives new meaning to the phrase “drop shipping”.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

cypher543 / 3 hours ago 1

But no one even knows what the 3DR Rover platform can do (at least, I can’t find any mention of it on Google). It could be beyond what…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

MattM. / 3 hours ago 1

You guys forgot a disclaimer “No drones were hurt in the making of this video.”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

froghero1 / 3 hours ago 1

I think a package delivery challenge should be created, I’d be rather interested in watching that drones try to complete that

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Emcee Grady / 4 hours ago 1

I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think the 3DR bots will have an unfair advantage. The competitors still have to do the…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Backyard Pilot / 4 hours ago 1

You Monster! Trying to cram all those buzzwords into those innocent little sentences should be a capital offense! Seriously though: Al…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

cypher543 / 4 hours ago 1

I’ll admit that I’ve never been to an AVC, so I’m not entirely familiar with the rules, but the free 3DR Rover bit sounds completely unfair.…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Emcee Grady / 6 hours ago 2

It’s a yet-to-be-released platform…so the lucky five will be getting something pretty special.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Nate / 7 hours ago 2

I unapologetically don’t know all the stuff happening within SparkFun day to day. This is a hilarious video and intro to the AVC. Nice work…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

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