How SparkFun Built Their Open Hardware Business

Exactly a week ago, SparkFun Director of IT Chris Clark penned an article for titled "How SparkFun Built Their Open Hardware Business." While the recent open source discussion here on SparkFun has focused primarily on hardware (and why not, with the OHW Summit this week?),…

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Engineering Roundtable - Chris Taylor and Capacitive Sensing

Today we have another episode of "Engineering Roundtable!" Today's host is Chris Taylor, SparkFun Engineer and hacker extraordinaire. In this edition, Chris talks about capacitive sensing. Check it out: Vimeo version here. To download the code Chris mentions in the video, down this ZIP…

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IP Obesity

Back in August of 2012 I was invited to give a talk at the local TEDx here in Boulder. Check the video or you can read the meat of my talk: Intellectual Property Obesity is what I have found to occur when a company relies too heavily on patents and enforcement rather than innovation. I believe…

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New Product Friday: Time for New Stuff

Hello everyone, we're back again this week as always with more new products. Watch out, we've got you covered! Vimeo version found here. Nathan and a few others consistently wear their BigTime watches and are always giving them away to people that are intrigued by them. Never have we had a…

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Testing LEDs quickly - a new tutorial!

First off, let's announce the caption contest winner - Member #311485 and his caption seen below. Congrats! Check your email for information about receiving your prize (a SparkFun Inventor's Kit!). Though it was an interesting lab experiment, the transfer of mass from car to hat turned out…

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September Caption Contest

Well, after a bit of a hiatus (was it really July when we last did this?) it's time for another caption contest! The rules are simple - leave your best caption to the picture below in the comments section. The contest will run from the time this post goes live until Thursday, September 20 at…

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Arduino Hackfest!

There's nothing like incredibly short notice for an event, but when the event is this good, you might want to cancel your plans. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 19), Arduino Hackfest will take place in Boulder, Colo. It's going to be a ton of fun! SparkFun Electronics - Promoting…

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According to Pete - Demystifying Serial Communication

Well, we've breezed through the half-way point of September and fall is officially in the air. School is back in session, football season is in full-swing, and the first mountain snowfall is in the books. More importantly, half-way through September means another edition of "According to…

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New Product Post: Electric Imp Edition

Hello loyal SparkFun followers! We're back again and we've got some new stuff this week. Let's jump right in and see what we have this week. Vimeo version found here. I really hope the concept of the Electric Imp takes off and starts getting integrated into different consumer products.…

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Siemens STEM Academy at Discovery Headquarters

SparkFun gets a lot of requests to run workshops, and we try our best to get to as many events as we can. We see a wide variety of events from mini Maker Faires to the USA Science and Engineering Festival. It's really a special treat to get to travel and spend time with our customers, and we…

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Help Send Super-Awesome Sylvia to Maker Faire

Every time I attend an event like USASEF or Maker Faire, I look around and see kids (literally, children) doing amazing stuff in the world of tinkering and hacking. Whether it's DIY crafts, robotics, or 3-D printing, it is downright amazing what kids are doing these days. Not only does it give me a…

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Open Hardware Summit 2012

As you know, SparkFun is happy to spread the gospel of open source in any way we can. This is our third year as a sponsor of the annual Open Hardware Summit in New York City, which this year takes place on September 27. The summit, organized by our friends at the Open Source Hardware Association…

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Engineering Roundtable - Nick and his DIY Camera

Today we have another edition of "Engineering Roundtable!" First, let's talk a little bit about today's host - Nick Poole. Nick, SparkFun's catalog curator, describes himself as an "execution guy." He excels in design and fabrication, finding novel solutions for code, board layout and interface…

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New Product Friday: The Process.

Hello everyone. This week's new product post is going to be a bit different. Last week I mentioned that we didn't have many new products. Instead of rehashing an older product or coming up with some crazy prank, I decided to switch gears a bit and give you some insight into the process of…

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AVC 2013 - The Next Chapter

Hello everyone! Is this really a post about AVC?!I know it might seem a bit early to be announcing AVC 2013, but we're making some big changes and wanted to let everyone know in advance what to expect for next year's AVC. It's changed a bit every year, but after some feedback from competitors,…

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ATTENTION: Due to a complaint about a trademark infringement, we were asked to change all instances of Cosm to Pachube. Cosm and are separate entities, one is a US trademark and one is a domain name. While we don't want to confuse you all, which I am sure we have already, we want everyone…

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According to Pete - DIY Guitar Pickups Continued

Today, we have the first September edition of "According to Pete." In today's episode, SparkFun Director of Engineering Pete Dokter is back at it with his guitar project. Watch at Pete wraps up his project and gets three surface transducers up and running: As usual, feel free to leave…

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Happy Labor Day!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that our offices are closed today in observance of Labor Day. We hope you're all honoring labor by not laboring, and that you're enjoying some celebratory snacks and beverages thanks to two-time president and noted SparkFun enthusiast Grover Cleveland.   …

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New Product Friday: The Hunt for Red Boxtober

First, just a reminder that SparkFun will be closed Monday, September 3 for Labor Day. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Also, because of the holiday, According to Pete will be pushed to Tuesday. We promise it'll be worth the wait. And now: announcements and new stuff!…

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Taking the high road

"Space... the final frontier." I think it's safe to say that many of you reading this were inspired to be makers by those words or others like them. For most of us, our feet are firmly planted on the ground in our daily lives, but we still take the time to cheer on our Mars rovers,…

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Recent Blog Comments

Member #240011 / 6 hours ago 1

It would have been cool to route the wiring above the paneled ceiling.

Re: Engineering Roundtable - Interactive Hanging LED Array

Accipiter / 7 hours ago 1

All fun and bantor, but seriously; I’m not getting any response as to which class to enter my VTOL in. So, I’m going to enter it in the…

Re: Announcing AVC 2014!

Jeff Leigh / 10 hours ago 1

It’s like inventing a bubble snap-case for the latest new design of Lego brick… with holes in the top to accommodate connections with…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Jeff Leigh / 11 hours ago 1

I would love to see a wider array of generic, easy to mod cases - for those of us who just can’t seem to paint inside the lines. Or how…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

ccbundy / 14 hours ago 1

A robot is a device that performs a task w/o human oversight. That implies it may have input from sensors, but definitely has to have a…

Re: Enginursday: The Hormes Robot Platform

Greggor / 20 hours ago 1

I was scrambling to get #10 done last night and I just simply ran out of time. It will be live soon on our [YouTube…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Member #437455 / 21 hours ago 1

Will there be any more robotics 101 videos?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

s73v3r / 21 hours ago 1

How do any of these cases cope with having shields/capes put on the board?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

RobertC. / 23 hours ago 1

0! but you do get disqualified, so there’s that. ;-)

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

NightPhoenix / 23 hours ago 1

How many bonus points do we get for blowing up those barrels?

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

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