New Product Friday: Oh Snap!

It's been a bit of a slow week with the 4th of July holiday and everything, but we still have new products for you. This week I brought in an engineer so I could properly explain one of the new products. Vimeo version here. Thanks to Jim for helping out with the video. It's hard wrapping…

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SparkFun Curated Kickstarter

So for the past couple of days, we've had a post up about the SparkFun AVC band and its Kickstarter page. Tying right into that, we are proud to announce the creation of a SparkFun Curated Kickstarter page. What exactly does that mean? Well, let's talk it out. Look for this banner at the top…

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The SparkFun Band Has a Kickstarter

Quick addition to today's post - just want to let everyone know SparkFun will be closed on July 4th (Wednesday) in recognition of Independence Day. We'll resume normal operations on the 5th! Each year at the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, a group of employees join together to form…

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According to Pete - July Edition #1

Quick addition to today's post - just want to let everyone know SparkFun will be closed on July 4th (Wednesday) in recognition of Independence Day. We'll resume normal operations on the 5th! Today is the first Monday of the month (goodbye June!), and that means we have the first monthly…

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New Product Friday: Seeing Red Visions

Welcome back, loyal SparkFun followers! We're back with some new products for this week. We have some shirts, boards, and a cable. First, let's check out the video. Vimeo version here. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion between the RedBoard Breadboard, RedBoard PTH, and…

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Welcome '::1:'

  World IPv6 launch day has come and gone, and you may have noticed still doesn't sport a 'AAAA' record in our DNS. If you're wondering what IPv6 or an AAAA record is, let me begin by stressing how important IPv6 is, and more so, how critical it is…

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All hail Tech Support!

If you've ever had one of your gadgets malfunction, you might already know that SparkFun works hard to provide high quality technical support. What you might not know is that our support team is made up of just five dedicated, talented, and geeky gurus, who handle technical questions for the…

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IOIO + Roomba Create

Each year, Wintriss Technical Schools, which teaches Java to kids starting in 5th grade, sponsors iARoC, the International Autonomous Robot Competition in San Diego. The objective of the event, which took place last weekend at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park, is to…

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Maker Faire 2012

Well, it's been a busy month here at SparkFun, but now that the dust has settled from another great AVC, let's look back on our adventures at this year's Maker Faire San Mateo!    Vimeo version here.     We sent 12 employees to California in May to check out the…

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New Product Friday: Joints and Mounts

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday New Product Post. First, I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to AVC last weekend. Other than getting a sunburn, things went pretty well. We had some great moments, fierce competition, and a lot of fun. As a side note, I will most likely be doing…

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Today we have a cool project coming to us from SparkFun customer Brad Nelson. Brad's daily driver is a bright red Kymco ZX50 scooter - not the most exciting of rides and not much to look at. So, like any good hacker, Brad said, "I can make this better." Here's what he did: Brad…

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SparkFun Heading to ISTE Conference

Next week, from June 24 to June 27, the SparkFun Department of Education will be heading to the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference in San Diego, Cali. This is the 33rd annual ISTE conference and SparkFun is very excited to be taking part.   Each year at the ISTE…

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AVC 2012 Recap

As you may know, last Saturday was our fourth AVC -- SparkFun's annual autonomous vehicle competition -- and this year was by far our best yet! The weather was great, the robots were many, and one mystery human danced around in an octopus costume. A big thank you to the record number of folks…

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According to Pete - June 2012 Edition, Episode 2

Welcome back from the weekend! We hope those of you that were able to attend/watch AVC had a great time! We had a ton of fun and are already looking forward to next year. If you missed it, we'll have a recap video/photos coming shortly. In the meantime, check out this month's second episode…

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AVC 2012!

Update: That's it, folks! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out for the event, both contestants and spectators alike. Also a huge thanks to the fine people who followed along online. We hope everyone had a good time, I know we all did! See you next year! It's AVC Day! Welcome once…

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New Product Friday: Lightly Toggled

It's been a busy week for us all as we prepare for AVC this weekend. It's shaping up to be quite the competition. Will Team Tobor bring home the gold again, or will they be bested by one of the new eager challengers? Will the weather cooperate? Will the VSS (video scoring system) prove to be…

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Solid State Depot and the Future of Farming

In December 2010, Boulder's Solid State Depot started brainstorming ways to address the issue of how to keep agricultural output on pace with the insatiable demands of global population growth. They started designing and building a garden based on autoponics -- the cybernation and automation of…

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Modkit Micro

In SparkFun’s Department of Education, we’re constantly looking for ways to make electronics more accessible to a younger audience. In our ideal world, electronics would be part of the normal K-12 curriculum. We’ve organized dozens of classes that teach kids (and adults) how…

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Final AVC Reminder

This is going to serve as the final reminder that the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition - or AVC - is this Saturday, June 16. The event will take place right here at SparkFun headquarters in Boulder, Colo. and is sure to be a good time! Doors open at 8:30 a.m. and the first run will take place…

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Learn.SparkFun.Com and the Arduino Buzzer Beater

As you may have already heard (perhaps a few times), SparkFun semi-recently launched a new website called This website is the home of our Department of Education and is completely dedicated to - you guessed it - electronics education. It is SparkFun's hope to make electronics…

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Member #339758 / 6 hours ago 1

Oh man…. That video for the iPhone 5c from jony ive was hilarious. This video reminded me of it as well. :)

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

kirby g / 20 hours ago 1

What model quadcopter is used in the video. Looks fairly durable for learning.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Emcee Grady / 21 hours ago 2

It would probably read “One drone was extremely hurt in this video. RIP.”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Wylly / 23 hours ago 1

“No drones were harmed during the filming of this ad”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Blacklab1 / 24 hours ago 1

You might want to share this idea with Consumer reports on packaging testing. I don’t know if they thought of dropping packaging from an AVC…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

NPoole / 1 day ago 1

I’m afraid it’s rather more like NASCAR giving 5 teams a brand new engine a week before the race while everyone else got to go pick their…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

lcox / 1 day ago 2

Definitely gives new meaning to the phrase “drop shipping”.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

cypher543 / 1 day ago 1

But no one even knows what the 3DR Rover platform can do (at least, I can’t find any mention of it on Google). It could be beyond what…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

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