According to Pete - June 2012 Edition

It's the first Monday of June, which means we have a new installment of "According to Pete" - our monthly segment with SparkFun Director of Engineering Pete Dokter. In this installment, Pete talks more about his audio project and our trip to Maker Faire Bay Area. In case you want to…

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New Product Friday: The MiniPost

Good riddance to May and bring me June. We're slowly approaching summer, but that doesn't stop us from having new products. This week we have a few products to tell you about, including the long-awaited MiniBot. Let's check out the video(s), and then the products. Vimeo version here! For…

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AVC 2012 for Kids

Hey kids and young adults! AVC 2012, taking place at SparkFun headquarters on June 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., has a special educational robotics activity for you! At this year's competition, we will have an 8-by-8 foot maze, as well as a racetrack, where you can compete and play with robots.…

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SparkFun and Its Not-So-Traditional Work Culture

I've been working at SparkFun for nearly four years now. I feel pretty fortunate to have stumbled upon a position here while surfing Craigslist one day. I had just graduated from college a few months prior and was intensely job hunting when I came across a listing for a copywriter position in…

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Soldering Competition Recap Video

Back at the end of April, the SparkFun Production Department held the first-ever SparkFun Soldering Competition. The event took place at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and Solids in Longmont and invited competitors to put their irons to the test to see who really is the fastest solderer in the West.…

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New Product Friday: Whack-Dome

Time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was playing around with Sparkie. Well, this week we built something else. It's not as dangerous, but it sure is fun. It doesn't have a name either. Let's call it Whack-Dome. Check it out in the video below. Just as a side note, our normal…

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Open Source with Jason Hibbets

As you may have known, SparkFun is a big proponent of Open Source and Open Source Hardware. Recently we spoke with Jason Hibbets from about how is trying to bring a new level of collaboration to the world outside of electronics (yes, such a world exists - we were…

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RC Hobby Controllers and Arduino

Today we have a great tutorial from SparkFun employee Nick Poole. You may know Nick from some of his work in the product videos, as he is often instrumental in the creation of the devices for the demos. This time, Nick has made a fairly detailed tutorial about pairing an RC Hobby Controller with an…

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AVC Course Preview

Our Autonomous Vehicle Competition is less than a month away now (June 16, 2012 at SparkFun Headquarters). It's shaping up to be an awesome day! We've created an updated course preview so you'll know what to expect on the day of the race. Check it out! If you have any more questions,…

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New Product Friday: Will Spark for Fun

This week is a special one. Not only is Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend, but we had our first demo for the product video that could probably kill someone. We've made a treadmill with a mind of its own, a game of Jenga that plays YOU, and an off-road vehicle with an attitude. But this week, we…

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Maker Faire eTextile Lounge

Today we have a guest post from Ally Seeley, one of the leaders in the world of eTextiles, who would like to talk about an event taking place at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend: This year the eTextile Lounge is returning to Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 to bring together fashion designers, engineers,…

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Maker Faire Reminder

Just wanted to post a quick reminder about Maker Faire Bay Area taking place this weekend! While we won't have our usual presence (meaning, we won't have soldering workshops this year), we are going to be there representing SFE! We have a few cool things planned, so make sure to stop by our…

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MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is a collaboration project between SparkFun and Jay Silver/Eric Rosenbaum of the MIT Media Lab. They dreamed up the idea, prototyped it, ran it through workshops, and guided it to its current home on Kickstarter. We've been working with them along the way helping where we can with PCB…

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SparkFun Goes to USASEF

A couple of weeks ago, a handful of SparkFun employees headed out to the USA Science and Engineering Festival (or USASEF) in Washington D.C.. The festival was an awesome experience that we'd recommend for anyone interested in science, technology, or engineering. We really had no idea just how…

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New Product Friday: Purple Power

First off, a quick note about classes. All of the SparkFun class offerings have been moved from the SparkFun website, to the SparkFun Education website, So if you are looking for an electronics class, head over there! Now back to regularly scheduled programming... Hello everyone.…

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SparkFun Gets a Subpoena

In our 9 year history, we have been extremely lucky with our legal entanglements. We received a Cease and Desists in 2009 and in March, we received our first subpoena. I'm writing today to explain a little bit to folks on the American legal process as seen from a business. I hope this educates a…

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Robotic Claw Tutorial

We've received a lot of questions about using our robotic claw with our medium servo. After trying to answer the questions over the phone, John Trepke (SparkFun Tech Support Specialist) created a tutorial to show you just how to use this dynamic duo. The video below will show you the claw in…

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According to Pete: May 2012 Edition

Today is the first Monday of the month, which can only mean one thing - According to Pete! In this month's edition, Pete is starting to wrap up his audio project and in this video, finishes up his faders and provides us with a pretty nifty demonstration - check it out: You can check out the…

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New Product Friday: Scoping it Out

Hello again and welcome to another installment of 'we have new stuff for you'! When will we run out of new products? Not this week, not yet. (Vimeo Link) It's true, I'm not an engineer. I know the basics of an oscilloscope and logic analyzer, but sadly my job doesn't require me…

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MiniBot Class Reminder

Today, we want to remind everyone about an upcoming class called Enhancing SparkFun's ProtoSnap MiniBot. This class takes place on May 13, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. This class is also a sneak-peek at the ProtoSnap MiniBot, a product that has been in development for a while now and is not yet…

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brennen / 10 hours ago 1

> I’m not sure what advantage having my platform in a plastic bubble offers. Mostly it reduces its likelihood of getting smashed. That…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

unmanaged / 17 hours ago 1

Hey Nick… Just to FYI the users and hackers at sparkfun… if you are using devices that draw more then about a half of an amp I would…

Re: Engineering Roundtable - Interactive Hanging LED Array

Member #240011 / 23 hours ago 1

It would have been cool to route the wiring above the paneled ceiling.

Re: Engineering Roundtable - Interactive Hanging LED Array

Accipiter / 24 hours ago 1

All fun and bantor, but seriously; I’m not getting any response as to which class to enter my VTOL in. So, I’m going to enter it in the…

Re: Announcing AVC 2014!

Jeff Leigh / 1 day ago 1

It’s like inventing a bubble snap-case for the latest new design of Lego brick… with holes in the top to accommodate connections with…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Jeff Leigh / 1 day ago 1

I would love to see a wider array of generic, easy to mod cases - for those of us who just can’t seem to paint inside the lines. Or how…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

ccbundy / 1 day ago 1

A robot is a device that performs a task w/o human oversight. That implies it may have input from sensors, but definitely has to have a…

Re: Enginursday: The Hormes Robot Platform

Greggor / 2 days ago 1

I was scrambling to get #10 done last night and I just simply ran out of time. It will be live soon on our [YouTube…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Member #437455 / 2 days ago 1

Will there be any more robotics 101 videos?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

s73v3r / 2 days ago 1

How do any of these cases cope with having shields/capes put on the board?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

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