See how one college student is keeping an electronic eye on his food supply.

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Today we learn about etching PCBs at home, on the cheap and quick! We even get a little fancy with it!

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We want to educate everyone. That means helping the government when they ask.

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Watch and learn: a video about the design process for a mobile camera

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When New York has a ghost problem they call the Ghostbusters. When you have problems using a SparkFun part, who you gonna call?

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When things become sentient, it's good to be able to remotely kill power.

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Servo says spin ... Servo didn't say stop! Today we have a new board that you may have seen before.

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The long SparkFun tradition of mild sadism in the name of comedy continues!

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One idea for hosting a web page or browser game at events with no Internet connection.

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A new 3D printer and a little something special later in the day. It's Friday!

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SparkFun and Kadenze are celebrating the Month of Creative Code – join us!

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Experiments in weatherproofing electronic circuits by forcing them through an unmodified document laminator.

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My eyesight probably isn’t so great so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was a Smart PANTRY project and not some kinky fetish…
All comments, so far :D, have been positive, but this thing will never work. You must not have real people living in your house for this to…
SeeedStudio is shipping them;
It is a bit of a chicken and egg problem. How do you draw a schematic if you don’t know the circuit works? How do you build a working…
Just yesterday I was poking around the Fritzing web page (after having downloaded onto a newer computer, when I…
I’ve been at this for a very long time, and it’s still fun for me. I still burn components from time to time, and I’m still surprised on a…
Thanks! I’ll try to eek out time to update. It’s been running swimmingly. The change I made was to move from Photon to a SparkFun Blynk…
Sick idea! Thanks for sharing :)
I read this like a thriller and somehow missed a lot of the smoke, or stuff getting too hot. Please tell me as you get better at this you…
Nate, this is so great! Any chance you have an update for us? I’ve taken this on as my winter project. Have my openscale board on hand and…

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