Let's talk to the people behind the proverbial curtain.

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"What would you say... you do here?"

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An itsy-bitsy WiFi adapter and a new pcDuino revision. TGIF!

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What are your "yourself" limits when it comes to DIY? What do you value when in your project and what are you looking to accomplish when you "do it yourself"?

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A Q&A with one of the creators of an awesome, potentially-lifesaving new safety device

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This week, we release the Photon SIK and the FLiR gets a price drop!

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SparkFun's drivers for MS Windows are now signed!

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SparkFun: helping people throw stuff into space since 2003

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Combat robots are cool and you can build your own. Check out this 3-part video series on how to build one yourself!

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This week we have a new Photon-based RedBoard and a handy cable.

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How and why we built a tiny Internet of Things apartment at SparkFun HQ.

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If you want to write code for the Particle Photon, an online, "cloud" IDE isn't your only option. Check out our "Photon Development Guide" to see how you can set up a Photon development environment of your own.

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Meh. Will be contrarian. Not much the Edison stuff can do that an APM or Teensy LC or 3.2 will not do in a more efficient and facile manner.…
The OLED block is one of the my favorite blocks since it has multiple inputs and allows for displaying information to the user.
Do I really have to pick just one block? Really, in a perfect world I’d have a minimum of the Battery Block and the Dual H-Bridge. I’ve got…
Nice smart mirror project. I probably would have gone with an OLED display because the light-leaks from the LCD backlight make it easier to…
The best block has to be the GPIO block. If Edison can’t talk to the rest of the world, what good is it?
many of these use the same nRF51 chip from Nordic. Differences are with the libraries, bootloader, number of pins, etc. The most notable…
Favorite? Of course GPIO and ADC are great to have but they aren’t “exciting” and they don’t get the blood pumpin'. PWM is a bit of a step…
A nice build! Some, if not most, mirrors have a reflecting coating that can be scratched off in the corner to put the weather display.
My favorite block for the Intel Edison is the ADC block, because it is absolutely the most essential! The Edison is such a big deal because…
Come on, Cordelia! Goneril and Regan are going to win.

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