Engineering Roundtable - DIY Heated Seats

Usually for our Engineering Roundtable video series, we enlist one of our industrious engineers to build a project on camera and describe their process for you. Fortunately, there are many people at SparkFun with a lot of craaaazy ideas, so every now and then we give the engineers a break and let…

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New Product Friday: Etch-a-Sketch

Welcome back everyone! This week I get to play games on RGB LED panels and stream music wirelessly from an iPhone. I sorta love my job sometimes. We’ve got some cool stuff this week, so check it out. The RGB LED panels are pretty cool and can be VERY bright with all the lights on. There are a…

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Enginursday: Homopolar motors and a greater understanding of Magnetism

Recently, I have been trying to gain a better understanding of how motors work. While searching the interwebs, I found a number of tutorials explaining the magnetic interactions found in motors. But many of these sites and videos failed to explain the mechanics of magnetism itself. So I dusted off…

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Cyber Monday 2013 Recap

In 2005, supposedly coined the term Cyber Monday for, in their view, the biggest online shopping day of the year. At present occurring mainly in the U.S. and Canada, this is a weird time of year where both stores and people binge on capitalism. Traditionally, big markdowns and stampeding…

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Limited Edition Christmas Candy Pro Mini

A week from today (that’s December 18th, 2013), we are giving away delicious Christmas candy. Well, our version of Christmas candy (and it might not be delicious - in fact, we don’t recommend eating it). Behold, the Limited Edition Christmas Candy Arduino Pro Mini: The details are pretty…

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According to Pete - Transistor Biasing Configurations Part Deux

In last month’s edition of “According to Pete”, we discussed “transistor biasing configurations.” It’s a bit of, as Pete says, a “wacky” subject to get through in one video, so for your entertainment, we present to you “Transistor Biasing…

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SparkFun Live is here!

Two weeks ago we announced a new video series called SparkFun Live, a periodic, glorious event during which various SparkFun folks will do live hacks and answer questions about projects that we’ll announce, complete with supply list, ahead of time - and TODAY’S THE DAY. Kindly proceed…

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New Product Friday: TOR-NATE-O

We’re still recovering from the flood of sales from Cyber Monday, but don’t worry, we’ve still got some new products this week. Also, thanks to all of our customers for your participation with Cyber Monday, it rocked! I’ve been trying to get Nate to do a video for awhile.…

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Enginursday: Monitor Twitter With a Raspberry Pi

If you were at Endgadget Expand in November (or perhaps follow the engineers on Twitter), you might have seen SparkFun’s booth. If you saw SparkFun’s booth, you might have seen an interesting display with several racing honey badgers. We affectionately named this “The Great American Tweet…

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November Caption Contest Winner!

November has come and gone, and with it, our last-minute November Caption Contest. But this means good news for one of you, because we picked a winner. And that winner is MilesTag! As predicted, a “how many lightbulbs” joke takes the crown of glory. How many lightbulbs does it take to…

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Does It Matter Which Browser You Use?

Web browsers are similar enough to each other that it doesn’t matter which one you use. Or does it? Some browsers don’t display some software applications. Some browser features are hard to live without. The majority of people here at SparkFun express a preference for one browser or another and…

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Hacker-in-Residence: Flying Robots

By now, our Hacker-in-Residence program is humming right along, and we mostly stand around tapping our fingers together with glee while some excellent applications roll in. One such excellent application came from our new friend John Gillespie, and we’re happy to have him join us for the next…

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Cyber Monday Is Upon Us!

Sound the trumpets, assemble your bannermen, and ready your keyboards - it’s Cyber Monday at SparkFun Electronics. That means we are offering some excellent deals throughout the day on your favorite electronics bits and pieces. The first deal is the simplest one - at checkout, enter the promo…

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New Product Friday: Talk Box

Happy Black Friday everyone! As always, we have some new products and a video for you. If you’re looking for deals, you might want to check back Monday for our Cyber Monday sale. We will be offering 10% off everything on our site, as well as an additional 20% off all products in the SparkFun…

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November Caption Contest

With only five days left in November, we thought we’d bid farewell to National Pomegranate Month and ring in the last month of 2013 with everyone’s favorite pasttime: caption contest! You know the rules, but in case you forgot: Leave your funniest clean caption in the comments section…

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SparkFun Live

We at SparkFun share because we care, and today we’re here to mitigate the Tuesday dooms with a fancy new video series called (drumroll): SPARKFUN LIVE. In this series, various talented and good-looking SparkFun folks will be doing live hacks and answering questions. Here, Nick Poole explains…

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One Week From Today - Cyber Monday

One week from today (December 2, 2013) is Cyber Monday - the day when internet retailers all over the…uh, internet…offer sales/discounts/specials. Well, SparkFun is an internet retailer and we want to join in on the fun! So here is our multi-faceted plan… From 12:00:01 a.m. MT…

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New Product Friday: Don't Tweeze Me Bro!

Prepare yourself, we have a lot of new products this week! Tools, cables, sensors; there should be a little something for everyone. Just a side note, I’ve tested the HDMI to VGA adapter on my Kindle Fire and it worked like a charm. So, if you have a tablet that you want to use on something…

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Enginursday: Time-lapse with the Raspberry Pi

If you missed the most recent installment of Engineering Round Table, I showed off my latest creation: my Aquaponics system. As you can imagine, designing and creating the system itself was a fun, albeit time-consuming, project. However, building it was just the beginning. Now that my system has…

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Some MariaDB -> PostgreSQL Notes

After we migrated to PostgreSQL last week, some commenters asked for more detail about technical rationale. I said I’d write something up, and since at this writing I’m sitting in a hotel room in Florida with nothing to do until tomorrow’s (Monday’s) MAVEN launch window…

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Recent Blog Comments

Jeff Leigh / 45 minutes ago 1

I would love to see a wider array of generic, easy to mod cases - for those of us who just can’t seem to paint inside the lines. Or how…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

ccbundy / 4 hours ago 1

A robot is a device that performs a task w/o human oversight. That implies it may have input from sensors, but definitely has to have a…

Re: Enginursday: The Hormes Robot Platform

Greggor / 9 hours ago 1

I was scrambling to get #10 done last night and I just simply ran out of time. It will be live soon on our [YouTube…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

Member #437455 / 11 hours ago 1

Will there be any more robotics 101 videos?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

s73v3r / 11 hours ago 1

How do any of these cases cope with having shields/capes put on the board?

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

RobertC. / 12 hours ago 1

0! but you do get disqualified, so there’s that. ;-)

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

NightPhoenix / 13 hours ago 1

How many bonus points do we get for blowing up those barrels?

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

Member #496520 / 13 hours ago 2

The Loveland CreatorSpace booth at the Denver Mini Maker Faire will have a 60x36 pixel WS2812 LED display that uses Fadecandy boards, server…

Re: New Product Friday: Just in Case...

RobertC. / 14 hours ago 1

maybe next year? I’d love to design the triathlon course :-) take off on a runway, fly to a way point, land, pass through a body of water,…

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

goldfish408 / 14 hours ago 2

When are you going to add an amphibious course? All that water without any robots on it…

Re: AVC 2014 Course Preview

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