Some products and a special guest appearance with a real live engineer!

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Announcing the creating of the SparkFun-Approved Kickstarter page.

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This week we're seeing red (boards) and we've got a lot of new revisions for you!

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Welcome '::1:'

IPv6 Launch day has come and gone - where are we?

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Meet SparkFun's product gurus and our new return policy

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Fun robots and learning tools for kids!

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Now that AVC is done, we have a bunch of new products to talk about.

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Controlling your scooter using Bluetooth and simple gestures.

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Thanks to all who made it out to SparkFun HQ for our best competition yet!

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Check out the thrilling conclusion to June's "According to Pete."

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AVC 2012!

It's AVC Day at SparkFun! Watch the events unfold, LIVE!

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We have a few new products for the weekend of AVC 2012.

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Modkit Micro

Check out Modkit Micro!

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Boulder Hackerspace autoponics project gets love from CU and NASA

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Don't forget that the AVC is this weekend!

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THIS IS AWESOME. That fan system too. It all looks really great. Determined to finish my scout by Halloween, but now you’ve got me wanting…
Just saw the video. Very nice!
I’m so down! I would need much, much denser foam and a way to latch the visor shut for it to actually protect my headbits. The foam that’s…
I think we’ll all agree that the next logical step is obviously to get the helmet DOT approved (and possibly buy a motorcycle).
There’s not even enough clearance in the visor for me to stack the teensy to the shield so they’re connected with ribbon cable across the…
Working on getting that right now :)
Ok, so the tensy boards were stacked and mounted directly to the helmet? That would make sense, I guess the breadboard layout threw me for a…
I’d love to see and hear this in action.
And no. I traded the breadboards for ribbon cable once it all went inside. There is precious little space inside the visor.
Coming right up, DK!

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