Announcing the three winners of the Microcontroller Contest!

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Back by popular demand, our Introduction to Arduino class.

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We don't have a lot this week, but we've got some fun stuff and had a lot of fun with the video.

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Reminder to use your Free Day credit by March 13th!

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Soldering Classes

We have two soldering classes coming up - sign up now!

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Check out the Vmarker - an interactive digital whiteboard!

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Check out the finalists for the Microcontroller Contest!

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Post Valentine's day product post.

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Check out these awesome products from another Boulder-based company.

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Send a love song to your sweetheart.

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We've released the first definition of Open Source Hardware.

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Of course every New Product Post is epic, but this one is a little extra epic than most. We have some seriously cool stuff this week, so check out the video and the post.

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Phonetic Search

A helpful addition to the SparkFun site.

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AVC Update

Traveling to Boulder?

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SparkFun Poster

SparkFun takes a trip to South Park. Kinda.

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The JEEPuter

Remote control start is so 2010.

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Another week, another new product post. How many products can we carry? As many as you want us to!

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AVC Reminder

The time is quickly approaching - what is your vehicle going to look like?

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Be aware that Finger Tech Robotics is a Canadian company. Be SURE to check with your credit card company BEFORE ordering, as some credit…
Robert, awesome video series!!! My son and I are working on a Battlebot with a sheet metal frame (it’s simple & we don’t have CNC access).…
Good questions. I did the design in solidworks and manually added the parts that I bought (added their weight with the models), and then…
Something that you didn’t cover was exactly how heavy Sgt. Cuddles weighs and if you had to make any design changes to choose lighter (or…
Also, if he’s not wanting to battle at this point check out some of our kits. The Redbot Basic…
Sure thing. Check out FingerTech Robotics. They have kits. I have zero idea…
Community So my son, age 6, and I watched Battlebots this summer and he is super excited by it. He wanted to start building a bot together…
Thanks for the great videos, and the amazing “Beardtronics” logo.
I’d personally like to see more MQTT integration with That’d make it a lot easier to respond to data being posted as…

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