The FM transmitter modules have been posted! Someone recommended we call these devices 'ARRR!' to reiterate the pirate radio mentality. Unfortunately (or fortunately for that matter) these little guys will only transmit up to about 60'. So go have fun with your neighbors. You've always wanted to…

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Making Things Talk

Tom Igoe - a good friend and now you're my hero. If you haven't heard of this new book from O'Reilly, you will soon. Making Things Talk is a beautiful new book by Tom Igoe that covers the basics of microcontrollers, sensors, networking, and of course feline monitoring systems (Chapter 3 - Project 4:…

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New Stuff

Don't forget to checkout the LilyPads! Checkout this new shield from Arduino using the XBee from Maxstream. Wow! I see we're already out of stock of the Arduino XBee shield. Sorry about that! We'll get more on order asap! A new development board by Hitt Consulting using the Parallax Propeller.…

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LilyPad Arduino

LilyPad Arduino is finally here! SparkFun has been working with Leah Buechley to bring to market her ingenious e-textile platform. LilyPad is a collection of small, thin, descrete nodes connected by a main controller. The main board is built on the popular Arduino platform. Each LilyPad has large…

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Robothon 07 and Maker Faire Austin

A contingent of SparkFun employees just got back from Seattle, WA. The 2007 Robothon gathering was again most enjoyable! Thanks to all the Robothon folks for letting us show off some of our toys. It was a lot of fun meeting old friends and making new ones. Checkout this (mostly) autonomous boat…

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New Bluetooth and Pirate Radio

We have designed a new Bluetooth module based on the BGB203 IC from NXP. This new module is lower in price with a more flexible AT command set. We will be migrating all our Bluetooth products to this new unit soon. Pirate radio? We just got our NS73M breakout module up and running! By broadcasting…

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Tweezer and FM

This is a unique hand tool developed by Siborg Systems out of Canada. By holding the tweezers around a surface component, Smart Tweezers can accurately and automatically identify capacitors, resistors, and inductors. A bit pricey at $300, but priceless if you're troubleshooting a SMD project. That -…

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GeoChron and Touch Screens

Do one thing and do it well, right? The new GeoChron is an awesome little box that removes all the guess work out of GPS logging. Field ready with a built-in battery charger. All you need is an SD card and a cat to tape it to (no, not really). Give your PSP display a little lovin. This is a touch…

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SparkFun Open House!

So you've always wanted to meet the peeps behind the SparkFun mask? Here's your chance. We are throwing an open house party to celebrate the new office diggs on August 16th. You can download the flyer here. We are more than happy to provide food and drink (as long as it lasts)! Please RSVP if you…

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Sinister 7

We think Pete over in engineering might be listening to too many internet streams about UFOs and the paranormal. He's hacked together an interesting application of random number generation to create something like a Magic 8-Ball. The Sinister 7 is a fun new device he's created. Does it look like it…

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LCD Tutorial

We're moved in and playing catchup! We should be back to shipping in-stock orders within 24 hours by the end of the week. Jim Lynch has created a fantastic tutorial covering the Nokia 6100 color LCD interface. We have also updated the link to his popular ARM tutorial. You'll find these tutorial and…

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New Treats

We are moving on Friday the 13th. The store front will stay open for orders, but we will be shutting down the office on Thursday afternoon. We should be able to ship all orders received before 9am Thursday. You can call but we're not really sure where the phone will ring, so please bear with us! All…

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Moving Woes

Here an interesting Portable Gaming Platform by our friends at Virtual Cogs. Not sure if they'll be producing it for mass consumption, but it looks like a great application of technologies!

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Sketching Rocks

It was fantastic meeting the old gang and the new friends this year at Sketching in Hardware 2007. Fun was had by all! Nice photo Julian! On a more serious note, we have new widgets in stock from Virtual COGs. This company is spinning some truly powerful ARM9 boards with a unique stacking…

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Sketching07 and Soldering Tutorial

Nathan from SparkFun will be attending Sketching07 this weekend in San Francisco. We love sketching! What is Sketching you ask? "The act of sketching defines and redefines boundaries. Everyone makes sketches, whether on paper, in software or, increasingly, in hardware. Sketching may begin with…

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New Space, New Stuff

SparkFun is growing! We are moving to a larger space in the middle of July. We will be shut down July 13th through the 16th to get moved. We can't wait to settle into the new, much larger facility! We have three new breakout boards for the MLX90609! These high precision, low drift digital gyros are…

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Beginning Embedded Lectures

While we should be designing new widgets, we decided to write a bit. There are 10 new exhaustive lectures on the tutorials page covering the very basics of Embedded Electronics: Lecture 1 - What's a microcontroller? Breadboard power supply Lecture 2 - Loading code and compiler basics Lecture 3 -…

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Sensor Interfacing

We’ve been meaning to write this interfacing tutorial for many years now. It’s a simple breakdown of the various ways to interface 3.3V logic devices to 5V logic devices. It’s not too tricky! We hope it helps you avoid burning out your lower voltage sensors and devices.

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Lots of New

We will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day. Looks like some SFE fans found this device before we could even get it noted on the home page! This is an original 24-bit color LCD from Sharp. Does it look familiar? It's the same LCD that goes into the PlayStation Portable (PSP)!…

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SparkFun Swag

We had a fantastic time at Maker Faire. It was a lot of work, and we are very tired, but it was wonderful to meet SparkFun fans and to catch up with old friends. We hope you got a chance to come by our booth and check out our Giant Nintendo Controller. If not, we've got the tutorial posted for all…

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Could you guys fix the Advanced SMD tutorial as well? You seemed to publish it before it was ready and it contains a “need link!!” In place…

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Aw, man. You’re killing me, even if it is true. I’ll most likely return to it at some point soon, but my attention is needed elsewhere for…

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This looks great! I love the necklace here:…

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What happened to According to Pete?

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The tutorial for it is here. It’s one of the very first tutorials we did though, so it might be a…

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For version 2, you need to add microphones around the room, and have the lightbulbs above the active speaker flash with the sound.. Like a…

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