Revisiting Antimov

Destruction takes place in just about a month!

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Copenhagen is calling and SparkFun answers!

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Back To The Future?

Ok, we've got the laces. Now we need the flying cars...

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Maker Faire is just around the corner and we have tickets!

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Even more new products

The ongoing attempt to carry everything you need continues.

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Some of our products go for a sky-ride out in the desert!

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Ponoko Revisited

What can you make with Ponoko and SparkFun?

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Upcoming Classes

Want to give someone the gift of soldering? We have the classes for you!

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New products galore!

Some more fun stuff for you to tinker with.

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With our powers combined, you can make your project complete (and extra awesome)!

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Avast ye Hackers!

A crash course in how SparkFun's IT department went from total amateur hour to... not-as-amateur hour.... and how we're hiring for a couple of IT positions by unconventional means.

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Where does SparkFun fit in the top 300,000 websites?

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Come strut your blinky stuff on the currently-being-assembled catwalk.

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More New Stuff

Even more new products!

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Hard Drive Clock

Telling time the "geek way."

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SparkFun is heading to the Big Apple!

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Now is your chance to vote for the winner of the Ponoko/SparkFun/GeekDad competition.

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More new products to get your next project rolling!

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Can we somehow transform and take advantage of all that energy wasted inside gyms across the country?

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