Back To The Future?

Ok, we've got the laces. Now we need the flying cars...

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Maker Faire is just around the corner and we have tickets!

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Even more new products

The ongoing attempt to carry everything you need continues.

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Some of our products go for a sky-ride out in the desert!

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Ponoko Revisited

What can you make with Ponoko and SparkFun?

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Upcoming Classes

Want to give someone the gift of soldering? We have the classes for you!

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New products galore!

Some more fun stuff for you to tinker with.

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With our powers combined, you can make your project complete (and extra awesome)!

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Avast ye Hackers!

A crash course in how SparkFun's IT department went from total amateur hour to... not-as-amateur hour.... and how we're hiring for a couple of IT positions by unconventional means.

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Where does SparkFun fit in the top 300,000 websites?

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Come strut your blinky stuff on the currently-being-assembled catwalk.

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More New Stuff

Even more new products!

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Hard Drive Clock

Telling time the "geek way."

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SparkFun is heading to the Big Apple!

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Now is your chance to vote for the winner of the Ponoko/SparkFun/GeekDad competition.

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More new products to get your next project rolling!

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Can we somehow transform and take advantage of all that energy wasted inside gyms across the country?

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Instructions for Joy

A few of the more humorous instruction manuals we've come across lately.

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Antimov Update

Bigger prizes and some rule clarifications for the Antimov Competition coming in October.

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This is a good example of the evolution of the amateur programmer: you ran into a hurdle and sought out a more efficient method, where you…
This is the common way to do it on the forums, based on the BlinkWithoutDelay sample sketch. User Robin2 (not me) on the forums…
This is the beginnings of a RTOS, I have been using FreeRTOS lately on ARMs, it’s very convenient to have, saves reinventing the wheel over…
The Classical Arduino Programming model is based on polling. Also, it dumbs down the c language (e.g. no need to declare forward references,…
Another simple way to do away with delay() is to store millis() at the beginning of a function, and check if enough millis have passed upon…
I love this post, and feel it would be very useful if I understood what was being said. I too hate delay()!
Any coupon for this year?
I want to hang a bunch of Cloud Clouds in the Loveland CreatorSpace. I have the code loaded on both a Pro Mini and a Thing. I have 5 meters…
I’ve used the PIR/MP3 Trigger setup before, and it has been glorious! Picture this among a row of wig heads…
Sorry about that - we just didn’t have the repository public. Should be working now!

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