SparkFun will be closed Nov 26th and 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Orders placed after 2:00pm MT on the 25th will ship out Monday the 30th.

A helpful video showing you how to integrate a magnetic card reader into your project!

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We've finally added a jobs page to our website!

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Antimov Registration

If you're planning on attending the Antimov competition, register now!

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Arduino formally announces the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega 2560.

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A bright offering of new products and a Maker Faire reminder!

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SparkFun Goes to Copenhagen

Nate and Juan head to Denmark to check out hacker spaces, Malmoe, and Copenhagen Suborbitals

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Modkit - A new web-based graphical programming interface for Arduino looking for a little help

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Meet Customer Service

Introduce yourself to the SparkFun Customer Service Squad.

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LED/LilyPad Class

Ever wanted to play around with LEDs and LilyPad?

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What to do with an overflowing cup of electronics

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Various new products for the week.

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Check out this gecko-esque robot from California!

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Revisiting Antimov

Destruction takes place in just about a month!

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Copenhagen is calling and SparkFun answers!

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Back To The Future?

Ok, we've got the laces. Now we need the flying cars...

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Maker Faire is just around the corner and we have tickets!

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Even more new products

The ongoing attempt to carry everything you need continues.

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Some of our products go for a sky-ride out in the desert!

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Ponoko Revisited

What can you make with Ponoko and SparkFun?

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Upcoming Classes

Want to give someone the gift of soldering? We have the classes for you!

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Being skeptical about the Raspberry Pi’s release seems odd given that, at the very least, it could fill the same niche as the Arduino. Also,…
I’m a little late to the party, but here’s the /r/electronics thread in case anyone wants to check it out.…
One of the “things” I’m thankful for are the folks who run places like SparkFun, Adafruit, and DigiKey – without you, and the folks who…
I mean… only if they want better eyesight. (Anyone not getting the joke should note that noworries is absolutely right. Even visible…
So, Sparkfun is recommending that users use high power lasers without proper eye protection since lasers improve eyesight?
Long flight to Florida…I usually take some electronics out and code stuff on a Arduino… I got stopped very short at my airport when they…
If lost, climb to the highest point you can see and try and attract someones attention.
A barometer, in a pressurized cabin? Seems legit.
Cool! I am going to try to implement the CO2 sensor into some sealed plant and algae growth chambers to measure CO2 usage vs. plant growth.…
We’re working on the CO2 sensor. It’s been quite the journey so far and continues to be. There’s so many variations that require different…

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