The Tekla Shield

Helping motor impaired individuals control mobile devices via Bluetooth.

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SparkFun Levels Up!

A whole new version of is released! Wish lists! Other stuff! New server hardware! Plus a visualization of the development of the entire code base up to this point.

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Swash-buckling goes high-tech!

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Want to learn how to do solder stenciling?

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Products, products, and even more new products!

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Remember the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box? It finally has a conclusion!

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Nathan Seidle tells the story of SparkFun, how we got started and why we do what we do.

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Finishing up the Halloween projects with SparkFun's own Nate Seidle.

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We're still exploring some Halloween projects - this time, a Jacob's Ladder!

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Flying Ghost

Just a few days after Halloween, there is still time for a spooky project!

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Solder of the Ages

Building your latest satellite with old solder? You might want to think it over.

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The NCWP Scavenger Box

Telling the story of the NWCP and the quest to find the wedding ring.

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Spooky New Products

Yet another new products post.

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A glimpse into the world of eTextile fashion by Lynne Bruning!

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Hacking an RC Car

The Creeper Bot makes keeping an eye on your pet a breeze!

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Tweaking Your Simon!

For your Monday morning goodness - hack the SparkFun Simon.

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A recap of The Feast: an inspiring, collaborative weekend in NYC with over 400 creative and genuinely good people.

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The more the merrier.

Another post, another selection of new products.

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My favorite block is the OLED block, no contest. Displays of any kind are some of the most important parts since you can use them as out put…
It’s a well known fact that Edison wanted to introduce the entire world to the wonders of D.C. power. Little it known was that he also saw…
The best thing about Sparkfun Edison blocks is they make Edison portable. The compute module Intel Edison is slightly larger than a SD card.…
For me it is the SparkFun Block for Intel® Edison - Battery DEV-13037 - The portable nature of it will allow me to continue on my Uberlaser…
The short answer is, yes. COSMOS is an excellent tool to view and control remote devices of any kind. With a little configuration, you can…
Wish that GPS Logger Shield had been around in 2011 – it might have saved me a lot of effort on a project back then. Oh well… at least SF…
> SCADA I’m not familiar with SCADA so my reply above assumes you have some kind of comm link to your devices that could talk TCPIP to…
COSMOS is a generic controller interface and comes with I/O defined for different kinds of communications protocols, like serial and TCPIP.…
I have to say the most exciting Block for the Intel Edison has to be the OLED block. I say this because with it you have a very simple and…
The Dual H-bridge board is just what I need to power an inverted pendulum (self-balancing) robot.

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