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Check out these awesome products from another Boulder-based company.

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Send a love song to your sweetheart.

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We've released the first definition of Open Source Hardware.

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Of course every New Product Post is epic, but this one is a little extra epic than most. We have some seriously cool stuff this week, so check out the video and the post.

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Phonetic Search

A helpful addition to the SparkFun site.

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AVC Update

Traveling to Boulder?

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SparkFun Poster

SparkFun takes a trip to South Park. Kinda.

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The JEEPuter

Remote control start is so 2010.

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Another week, another new product post. How many products can we carry? As many as you want us to!

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AVC Reminder

The time is quickly approaching - what is your vehicle going to look like?

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SparkFun and Instructables team up to give you the Microcontroller Contest!

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A group sets out to change the way people with Lou Gehrig's disease live their lives!

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Gravatar: Pretty neat.

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Product Post Thursday!

Another new product post, now with extra shenanigans.

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Looking to get started in electronics?

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48 hours of intense learning, sharing of ideas, products and eTextile love. Sparkfunʼs eTextile maven Lynne Bruning reports on her latest progress of mating textiles with microprocessors.

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Watch these quadcopters work together to build structures!

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Check out the action at the SparkFun offices on Free Day.

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Take a break from planning your AVC entry to take a look at the new products for this week.

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