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SparkFun AVC is Officially Retired

After 10 years of hosting the event in Boulder, CO, the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition is retiring.

The competition started with a bet – that building a vehicle that could navigate itself around a building would prove a lot harder than it sounded. Now, we’re closer than ever to the dream of self-driving cars, thanks to some pretty expensive lidar and a handful of entrepreneurs with incredible risk tolerance.

From a technical perspective, the problem of autonomous vehicles is largely solved. Here at SparkFun we’re always looking for our next moonshot challenge, and we’d love to hear what you think we should tackle next.

SparkFun’s AVC resources, rules, course maps and scoring rubrics are available to anyone who wants to host AVC events in their own communities. To start your own local AVC event, we invite you to apply to the SparkFun Community Partnership Program for support, and explore all of the resources available here.

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  • As the winner of the fixed wing 2014 challenge... is there any chance of bringing back the fixed wing flight section? I would love to be challenged for the reigning position!

    • As much as I want to say yes, the answer is currently no. With the FAA's recent (some might say overbearing) interest in civilian UAVs, we're currently keeping relegated to keeping our vehicles on the ground. It breaks my heart a little, too, because I have a design I have been dying to try.

  • Will the livestream show anything other than the combat bots? We were really excited to see the classic autonomous vehicle competitions!!

  • Section in speed demons mentions a set of boards placed on the track. What’s the max height for these boards? Will a typical RC chassis be able to drive over this?

  • No logistics class this year? Dang I was really hoping to compete in that.

    • Well, considering I was the only one that showed up and competed last year they decided to not have it again. Be warned, It's a lot of work, time is running short already. ;) I'll gladly provide some hints if you want.

      • Did some emailing and it sounds like it could make a return if there's interest on next week's post. Be sure to leave a comment if you're interested in competing again as I am!

        • Ugh, I hope not. It was a very boring spectator competition. Okay, I might think differently if I were competing, and maybe part of my problem with it was that there was only one competitor. I do want to point out that Jesse built and ran a very impressive bot. And I do think that if the challenges were made simpler, and a lot faster (much shorter time limits -- what was it, 10 minutes to do the tasks? -- way too long). It could be a fun spectator competition. But as it was, it was a little like watching grass grow. It was just too difficult and way too slow. Maybe head to head -- with combat elements (and fire!), yeah, that could work.

  • Solo: A Start Wars Movie? That's a little hawkish. 8/

    • Didn't you know that it is a SparkFun AVC movie -- about the battles to get the best position at the starting line.