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Description: Everything you need to get started with 18-pin PICAXE controllers. This is the new version with the 18M2 IC.

Please note: This kit does NOT include a programming cable. The list of contents in the kit says it does, but it really does not. Please choose your PICAXE programming cable below.

Kit Includes:

  • PICAXE 18M2 IC
  • Assembled 18-pin standard project board
  • Battery holder
  • Software CD


Replaces: DEV-08326

Comments 2 comments

  • The 18M2 is quite a tasty little chip. I’ve used these on several small robots to good advantage. Maybe not as intellectually sexy as Parallax’s 8-cog Propeller chip, but for those quick “slap-em-together-and-go” projects, 18M2s are “the little chip that could.”

  • We are waiting on our first order of these to come in.

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