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Description: This piezo igniter can be used for all sorts of applications where you need a spark to make fun things happen. With a large red button, easy mounting, and a long detachable ignition cable, this would be a perfect fit for your next spud cannon, rocket launcher, or flamethrower.

The igniter itself is about 3.5" long, with a 0.65" diameter barrel (for mounting). The cable is just over 2 feet in length.

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Customer Comments

  • I’m thinking it could be used as a potato gun ignition.

  • I would like to order this piezo igniter

  • Where is the other electrode on this? I only see the one on the tip. And what is the fourth picture showing?

  • How much voltage does one press create?

  • I can’t figure out how to use it with my potato gun. I put a screw through the hole provided and no spark was created. How do I ground it?

  • I think this can shock the begeezus out of you too! Use caution! or not? ;-)

    • I’ve personally shocked myself about a dozen times trying to get it to spark other things. It hurts, but not too bad.

  • dont know how much i can say about this topic, but for use on a spud cannon i would extend the probe more into the center of the cannon. when using traditional aerosol propellants i have had poor luck with them mixing well leaving you in a situation where it wont fire… i took a few inches of ~1/8" rod metal and bent it into a longer spark plug to get it into the center of the chamber… otherwise they work great!

  • warning, unless you wire up a ground from a contact on the side of the button to a couple mm gap at the electrode, this wont do anything in the way of ignition.

  • Does this spark multiple times when the button is held down, or does it only spark once per press???

    • Once per press. Each press strikes the piezoelectric element once which in turn creates one spark. I’m 99.9% positive that this is not one of the battery powered spark generators used in many newer grills.

  • Just a warning: Piezo igniters don’t work over 8,000 feet.

    • Uh, yeah… If you’re trying to blow stuff up at over 8k feet, you might have other concerns.

      • That is probably fortunate, because aircraft cabins are pressurized to the equivalent of 8000 feet.

      • It also means a rocket or compressed-air powered line-slinger using this part as a trigger mechanism won’t be reliable over 8,000 ft. That’s probably a good thing to know before deciding to build such a device for use on outdoor trips, including at higher elevations (e.g. parts of the Rocky Mountains).

  • Is the button mechanical? Like the ones in my gas BBQ?
    I’d like to find some that are battery powered/electric and pulse while button is pushed.

  • I’m thinking 5 of these in some kind of ignition system for pointless things that go bang really loud.

    • If you do that, I promise that we will do a homepage post about it :-)

      • Depends on whether I live through the experience of it or not. Is it possible to get extension cable for this? (Could you stock it perhaps?) Thanks.

  • It seems to me you could power an image converter tube with one of these. No battery, no high voltage inverter, just mash the button and see in the dark!

  • Just seeing a product like this is enough to get me excited! Though, I might need more than two feet to stay clear of… well, a fiery blast.

    • I know right! The whiteboard behind me has designs for a spud cannon with a recoil system and adjustable angle, etc, etc. I really am curious to see what people do with this one.

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Igniter replaced original part perfectly.