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Description: Light pipe is very cool stuff. It transmits light along its length, like fiber optic cable, but it also “leaks” light along the way, causing the entire length of tubing to light up when a bright light is shined into one end. It can be easily cut to length with a pair of scissors or a knife and by using a piece of shrink-tube to attach a super bright LED to one end, you can produce an EL-like effect.

Light pipe is great for decorative applications, you could even sew it into an e-textile project. It’s also a good way to ’re-route' an indicator light that’s buried inside an enclosure, so that it’s visible on the surface. Putting different colored LEDs at either end produces some very cool effects as well!

This is a 5 foot length of 6mm diameter light pipe. This light pipe has a white core that reflects light out and makes it visible in slightly brighter conditions. It can be easily connected to a basic 5mm LED with a length of shrink tubing or some tape. This works great with our super bright LEDs.

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Customer Comments

  • I need longer then 5feet!!! why can’t you sell by the foot?

  • Why isn’t there a picture with it hooked up to a light? If there is i cant tell which one it is.

  • I have been experimenting with some LED types, primarily surface mount flat style but I think they are not as effective at transmitting light down the length of the pipe. Probably in part due to my requirement of using red LEDs since they are typically less bright than other colors. Can anyone suggest a super bright red LED that would be most effective at directing the maximum amount of light down the length of the pipe? Previously I have been using the 3.5mm diameter white pipe, I am going to try switching to the 6mm to see if that helps collect more light from the LED.

  • I know it has been some time since the last comment, but… Is this product sourced directly for sparkfun? I can’t seem to find a similar product anywhere. (say in differing diameters or lengths, if my needs were for what you have I would buy it here) Do you have any suggestions for search parameters that might help one find such a product?

  • Do the light pipes have some sort of connector so they can be joined to the LED, wasn’t sure what was in the product post video but it looked like there was one there.

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