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Description: This is the same type of potentiometer you might find on some car stereos. This is a simple 10K potentiometer with a push-lock mechanism. Simply pressing the shaft in will lock it into retracted position and pressing it a second time will make it pop back out. Mounted correctly, these potentiometers can be adjusted and then recessed into the panel to avoid accidental adjustment.


  • Max Operating Voltage : 50VAC, 10VDC
  • Total Rotational Angle : 300 degrees
  • Flat Shaft
  • 25mm Shaft Length
  • 9mm Total Travel (8mm Lock Travel)


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Customer Comments

  • its linear or logarithmic?

  • Awwww… No DPDT switch on the shaft?

    • An alternate version with a DPDT switch would be nice, however “these potentiometers can be adjusted and then recessed into the panel to avoid accidental adjustment.”

  • So the pot works whether it is pressed in or out? Like I could use this for fine/coarse adj, reading the switch value?

    • i just got one. the pot works both pressed in and out.

    • They do specifically call it a ‘locking mechanism’, so possibly not.
      Regardless, though, the exact model is the RK097111T065. If you look that one up in the datasheet (page 3 of PDF, 352 of catalog), you’ll see that they note drawing #10 for reference. Browse down to that (page 6/355) and missing from the schematic is an actual switch. Unlike, say, the model referenced in drawing #5.
      So I’m inclined to believe that there is no switch state for you to read.

  • Awesome, these can be great for usability. I look forward to trying them.

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