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Description: The BD10KA5W is a low-saturation regulator with an output voltage precision of ±1%. It also has built-in overcurrent protection that prevents the destruction of the IC, due to output short circuits and a thermal shutdown circuit.


  • Max Output Current : 500mA
  • Output Voltage Precision : 1.0V ±1%
  • Built-in Overcurrent Protection Circuit
  • Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit
  • Shutdown Switch
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40C to +105C


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Customer Comments

  • Does anybody have an interesting use for this part that they would like to share?

  • Dearest (Insert Sparkfun Employee name here),
    I would truly appreciate a listing of the output voltage of this regulator listed in the description.
    With Thanks,
    Josh Franz

    • Key information would be a great time saver, it can be a pain looking at each page looking for a part that has the critical spec your after.


      Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - MMA7361

      Could be

      MMA7361 - Triple Axis Accelerometer - ±1.5g and ±6g - Analog - 2.2 - 3.6 VDC (3.3V)

    • Check the datasheet above. The model number is BD10KA5WF. Therefore it’s a 1.0v, as stated above.

      • Why not go the extra inch and change the title to “1.0v Voltage Regulator”, since the output voltage is kind of a critical parameter.

      • Put Voltage output: 1.0V AT LEAST in the features, this description is definitively misleading. I guess how many people bought this expecting an adjustable voltage output.

  • So these are the 1.0 Volt regulators?

    • Yes, they are. The first two numbers represent the voltage (Eg: 10>1.0V, 12>1.2V, etc).

      Note: This comment has been updated after reading a comment by User 11952 (I read the part number incorrectly at first).

  • This IS in the SFE Eagle library, under the name BD10KA5WF-E2.

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