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Description: The NCP303 is an ultra−low current voltage detector that contains a programmable time delay generator. These devices are specifically designed for use as reset controllers in portable microprocessor based systems where extended battery life is paramount. It features a highly accurate undervoltage detector with hysteresis and an externally programmable time delay generator. This combination of features prevents erratic system reset operation.


  • Quiescent Current of 0.5 uA Typical
  • High Accuracy Undervoltage Threshold of 2.0%
  • Externally Programmable Time Delay Generator
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 0.8 V to 10 V
  • Complementary or Open Drain Output


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Customer Comments

  • Which threshold voltage does this device have? There are several variants.

    • I had the same question. It appears that the chip here is open-drain (active low) with a threshold at 0.9V (+/-2%). Hysteresis should be between 0.02V and 0.06V.

    • oops, cut off the complete model number. check above, it’s the NCP303LSN09T1G.

  • I’m a little confused about the operation of this (specific) component. Does this detect a 0.9V drop, then flag a reset? What if I’m using a 5V micro controller, and the power drops to 4.0/4.1 volts, will the part flag a reset or will it only flag a reset when the supply voltage is 0.9 volts of less? I’m trying to determine how useful this particular product number with 3.3/5.0 uC parts given that it’s configured for 0.9 volts.

  • Could one of these be used to prevent over discharging of a Lipo cell or pack ?

  • Is this the voltage detector from the XMOS Development Board?
    The new product post said that this part is leftover from a product you no longer build. Does this mean you are not planning on restocking on XMOS?

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